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I used to get vestibular migraines pretty bad. To the point they were the main reason I took a leave of absence because I couldn’t drive. Can’t drive can’t work. Also can’t think because they make you very disorientated and lightheaded. Also when severe walking… an issue.

I was put on Sebelium which stopped a 2 month long bout of moderate to severe vertigo which was great because I had to return to work. Insurance companies do not ‘get’ migraines and apparently do not see the inherent danger driving severely disorientated with no concept of special awareness because your head is spinning or you are ‘falling’. Don’t ask me why. They are just morons. Not the point. Point is Sebeliun saved my butt. And life went on. And migraines have been improving with the Oska Pulse and botox… slowly but surely. Intensity wise.

AND… vertigo. At first bouts of dizzy spells in the afternoon and evening that would be maybe a few seconds. Just spinning in the head and gone. Then that, more than once. And then a wall of dizziness that when it dissipated it left me severely lightheaded and it was very hard to function. When I stood up, a bout of vertigo would hit. So at work I would try to stay sitting and be very careful to focus intently on what I was doing. Because the lightheaded part would last for a long time after the twenty minute dizzy spell. Dispersed with the vertigo on standing, moderate to mild in intensity. I went to the doctor and she had no clue what was causing it. And I desperately hoped it was Not migraines.

Well, last week, coincidently right after my flu shot massive bout of severe vertigo. Couldn’t walk. Couldn’t drive. Barely function sort of vertigo. And very disorientated. Missed two days of work. Bout lasted three days. Went down to mild so I went into work with some nasty lightheadedness. Then the next day severe vertigo again. Went away again with just bouts of vertigo at night for a minute or two.

Then today massive dizziness and lightheadedness. And now vertigo Again.

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I went to work fine. It hit me like a wave out of nowhere. I couldn’t think through it. Just trying to process each customer and focus was immense effort. One fellow told me what he wanted. I asked him to repeat that. I asked him Again. I asked him AGAIN. I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying I was so disorientated. I would have been embarrassed by that but frankly I was just trying to stay upright. That is not good. Not good at all. And that… is moderate strength. That isn’t severe. Severe knocks you on your back.

So vestibular migraines are back. And damn if I know what to do about it. I think at my appointment I will ask to have the Sebelium increased. If it can be increased. If she will without sending me to a neuro. If she will without further testing.

This is the sort of thing that ruins my life. Because it has nothing to do with pain management at all. And I have absolutely, fundamentally no control over it. I don’t even think I should be driving when it is at the sort of moderate stage. Like today… shouldn’t have drove home. I texted my spouse to pick me up but he asked me to call my mom. I didn’t get that text till the end of the day and I can’t wait there for another half hour. So I drove home. Slowly. Driving of course is motion and motion makes it worse so now it is even worse than it was. But that is unavoidable. Driving or passenger, motion makes these things worse. Doesn’t tend to be worse actually driving, just after you stop. Sometimes even an hour after you stop. The motion can be a trigger. So driving to work can actually be a trigger, which might be why it is hitting every afternoon at work. Starting mildly and getting more severe. And, then gets worse in the evening because I have to do the same motion trigger on the way home. You can see the problem here. Repetitive trigger and severity can lead to no driving at all.

If I don’t resolve it Fast I am in trouble. Or it resolves itself, which it might. They were extremely well managed on Sebelium. Just mild bouts from some types of motion and severe migraines. So some motion sensitivity still. And sensing motion where there is none. But very mild. I am so confused with this. So utterly unable to think. So spatially messed up. Every time I stand up right this minute it feels like the floor is going to eat me, I just sink and it is like walking on a boat. Just sitting here I am perceiving motion that isn’t there. And nauseated by it. Worse is this surges of spinning and spinning. And this constant woozy feeling. Spin. Woozy. Spin. Woozy. Abates for a few minutes and then starts back up again.

3 thoughts on “The vertigo problem

  1. Same here. I have constant dizziness and daily vertigo attacks for over 3 years now. Vertigo is crazy when I lie so I don’t get a lot of sleep. Notriptyline 30mg helps manage it a little so I can walk without help but nothing else seems to improve it. Can’t work, can’t sleep well, can barely leave my chair. Along with chronic pains from my scoliosis and CRAZY migraine headaches too. Hoping one day someone can get rid of this for good. Topamax made me dizzier! Just sharing. Hugs xo

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    1. It is just one of those symptoms we have no control over in the least bit. Well we have no control over any of it really but I feel with pain at least there is some sort of pain management I can do some of the time. Can’t do a thing for vertigo.


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