Don't spin in circles with a migraine.You're Welcome.

The clinical presentation of vestibular symptoms that often correlate with migraine includes—but is not limited to—dizziness; motion intolerance with respect to head, eyes, and/or body; spontaneous vertigo attacks (often accompanied by nausea and vomiting); diminished eye focus with photosensitivity; sound sensitivity and tinnitus; balance loss and ataxia; cervicalgia (neck pain) with associated muscle spasms in the upper cervical spine musculature; confusion with altered cognition; spatial disorientation; and anxiety/panic.Vestibular migraine

Now this: confusion with altered cognition; spatial disorientation, is the on that trouble me. When the vertigo is mild even this is Not.

Like I say I am woozy, spacy and disorientated and very confused. I can’t focus. Can’t think. Feel like I am not really ‘there’ wholly. And just driving with That concerns me a great deal, on days the vertigo is Mild, let alone worse. It is like an awareness problem, because I don’t feel fully aware or alert or functioning at all.


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