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Self-care isn’t always about pampering.

Although today I did that with a bath. Put them Epsom salts in there. Some bubbles. Some of my handmade soap. And soaked with music playing. Bliss out.

But it is basically doing What Our Body Need to recover.

It could be taking that nap you needed.

It could be going to bed early because you know you need the extra sleep.

It could be going out an socializing because you feel isolated. 

It could be unplugging from social media for an hour. 

It would be a bit of exercise. A walk or run. For me it was 15 minutes on my stationary bike. 

It could be saying No to something so you can rest.

It could be working on a project that makes you happy.

It could be decluttering your house. Making you feel productive. 

It could be remembering to pace when outside of the house. 

It could be doing some mini mindful meditation at work, or desk stretches.

It is what you define it in the moment you need it. Yeah, I need to de-stress in a nice bath. And sometimes I need a good nap. Other times I need to get out of the house and socialize for my wellbeing. Other times working on a project makes me happy and distracts me from the pain.

It is remembering to do the things that help us cope. Any small trick or thing that gets us through the day. A nap. Some mid-day stretches. Remembering to focus on your needs when you need to.

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