Don't spin in circles with a migraine.You're Welcome..png

Like right now. I want this vertigo and dizziness to be fixed now. Like now, now. Not later. Not I need a CAT scan and see my neuro and whatever later. I wanted my doctor to do something the moment I saw her. Just something. Just something to get me through till that Later. Something so I can drive and work and function.

cry face

I feel I have the right to whine about this when it is really, really affecting things like my capacity to function, get to work and work when I am at work. Assuming it isn’t severe enough I can’t even Get to work. Big massive issue. Today I went to work because I had a short shift and my reasoning was if I can’t make it in for a really short shift I have some serious problems. So I felt bad in the morning. Dizzy, spacy. Not good. But moderately, not severely. And I reminded myself: Short Shift. So I got to work. I Got There. And Yay! But I actually had to Function while there. And that was a bit of an issue feeling dizzy and spacy. And, of course, it got worse, not better. Sort of hoped it would be like a cold where when you go in it gets better, but no, not the case at all.

And now it is even worse than it was. Now it is getting bad again. All dizzy and just out of it again. Woozy, spacy.

confused walburg.gif

The issue is the confusion mostly. I am so spaced out from the vertigo and dizziness I am confused a lot. I don’t remember things. How to do things. What I am doing. Made for a difficult work day. At a lower intensity than it has been. But the intensity is like a wave. It gets better, then it surges again.

And I just wanted my doc to do something about it. Just so I can work. Is that so much to ask for? Just this one time? Just once, an easy answer? Or a temporary solution? Just once? Some sort of quick resolution that Doesn’t Impact Work? Why can’t I have that?

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