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I know bad days I self-care days but some symptoms make that impossible. Can’t read. Can’t do much but lay down and hope the spinning stops. Why doesn’t the earth stop Moving so Much? Can’t walk or stand much. Can’t have a shower I found out, because the water rushing down caused vertigo apparently. Although I can have a bath. Thankfully, and for self-care, that is actually very relaxing.

But sometimes you just have to get though the day. Finding distractions you can do depending on your symptoms. I could do modest social media… slowly, the screen moving was an issue. But doing anything on it was a problem because I wasn’t clear headed enough to do much. But it was a simple distraction. Since TV was too motiony in the brainy.

So find something that works and just try to distract the brain from the main symptoms that are a problem. In any way that you can, if you can.

Try to rest as much as possible. Like I said I couldn’t stand up much and walking is a problem. So I have to take it very easy. Sitting and laying down are the best way to get. Nap if you feel you need it. I didn’t myself. The spins don’t exactly make one want to nap. But if you had no sleep or you have fatigue then nap. Definitely a good idea.

Symptom management is really important. Do the best you can at managing the most problematic symptom or problem. A migraine: ice, migraine balm, relaxation, darkness and medication. For fibromyalgia: rest, Epsom salt bath, heat or cold depending on what you like. Heat seems to work better. Topical creams that work for you. For me today since it was all about the vertigo and disequilibrium it was treatment of nausea that results: peppermint tea, ginger tea, ginger candy, water and Zofran.

And, man, you have to be kind to yourself. It isn’t easy knowing you can’t function when you want to. When you have things to do like work. It feels horrible. My workplace has been very good about it and showing concern for my wellbeing. Hell, I am concerned for my wellbeing at this point. And that just adds to the worry. So you have to try to not stress about all of that. Try not to get bogged down in the extra stress of it all. You have to focus on getting through the bad bout first and foremost. I have been trying to have a positive outlook on this, in the sense I want to believe this bout is temporary and I really dearly hope that it is. Since I can’t honestly know the cause, I can’t honestly say that. But I hope so. So I have prepared for next week. My spouse had holidays he needed to take so he took next week off and is able to drive me to work. I am hoping the moderate severity I have today is a good sign for next week. I aim to go to work. And hope a week is enough to get through to the other side. I will worry if the severity gets worse. I will worry if a week isn’t sufficient. But we can only worry about things we cannot change. And these bad, horrible days? We cannot change them. We have to get through them. We have to cope with them. The best we can do is attempt to limit the stress of it while we do so, which isn’t an easy feat.

Remember you have no control over this happening. So don’t feel guilty or blame yourself. But we can try to control how we react to it on an emotional level. We can get into a real funk or it can trigger anxiety or depression. It is important we are aware of this. Aware of when this tends to happen with us. High pain for example tends to make my depression worse and I have to be cognizant of that. Have to be self-aware and try to distract myself from what I call my ‘negative thought spiral’ that hits at those times. My depression is well treated but thoughts are thoughts and I still have them, so I have to manage them at times when I am more at risk. Even times like these when I feel more worthless for not being functional. Thoughts like that will occur to me as well. And I have to remind myself my worth isn’t dependant on how productive I am in a day and it is important to engage in self-care… that I am important enough that self-care matters.

So maybe you have to push back that plan to climb Mt. Everest. Or take over the world next week, not this week. But you’ll get through it. You and me both.

I will fight this pain till the end. Hear me roar!! _meow_EhmHear me ROAR!_RAAWWR_That is better..png

3 thoughts on “What to do on very bad days

  1. I love this post, it’s quite reassuring and a great reminder because it can be so hard to accept the situation, the things you perhaps can’t do, accept how you feel and then be kind to yourself when it’s a very bad day. Thank you for writing this 🙂
    Caz x

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