We all know lifestyle changes are a fact of life with chronic illness and chronic pain. Just the way it is. And we all do quite a few things to manage our pain and health. But let’s just say sometimes you have to wonder…

To start the Manual we have to acknowledge having pain is dangerous. It should only be done in the safety of your own home and never done frequently. Quite frankly we recommend not havinThe chronic pain manual: Lifestyle

4 thoughts on “Monday Manual: Lifestyle changes

  1. Just brilliant! Having been in a support group last night with a woman sat next to me telling us all, again, that she no longer has ANY symptoms of our chronic genetic condition (EDS) by changing her diet and taking masses of supplements – well frankly I wanted to poke her eyes out. Bit harsh I know….and she probably doesn’t mean to sound so sanctimonious…..but there are 2 young girls there in wheelchairs who are really ill! One said to me after that she feels like she isn’t trying hard enough. I wanted to shout out “If it is a cure all, then why are we all sat here?”.
    But I sat nicely nodding my head in the right places…..and then saw your post and couldn’t stop laughing – hubby too!! Made my day, thanks Nikki x

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