Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)

You sometimes you just have to diagnose yourself. My doc thinks my vertigo, disequilibrium and lightdeadedness, dizziness… is vestibular migraine. But it isn’t presenting like I know them to be.

I am fine lying down. Not so good sitting up. And horrible standing up and moving. The more I move and get about in the day, the worse it gets. I feel weak and trembling when I stand. The lightheaded effect and dizziness is nasty when it progresses. I get confused and disorientated. I’m nauseated.

I looked up POTS and vertigo can actually happen with them. So there is that fact.

It can also be more chronic. So there is that fact.

And I have all the symptoms, so there is that fact.

My doc at one time thought I might have it.

And my heart rate does in fact jump more than 30 bpm when I stand up. 72-115 just when I checked now. And I do in fact get dizzy spells from standing. I pretty much always Have. But what is happening now is substantially worse since it isn’t just when I stand… it is consistently when I am upright and then the almost pass out when I stand.

I have joint hypermobility syndrome and POTS is very common with it. Very common.

It could be why I feel so wiped out when I stand and why I can’t seem to stand for very long at all. That doesn’t seem like vestibular migraines to me.

I will have to be adamant she sends me for a tilt table test. I really think I am right about this one.


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