Questions about fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia matters

Here are some really, real questions I made up based on all the fibromyalgia questions I have had over 21 years.

So how long have you had fibromyalgia for?

Good question. So I was officially diagnosed when I was 20. I had it before then for some time. But I also have joint hypermobility syndrome which likewise was causing me pain from early childhood, so it is hard to say when the FM really picked up speed. The insomnia was profound when I was a teen. As was the fatigue and aches. But when I was 16 the rheumy said I was developing FM but didn’t have it yet.

Don’t only old people get fibromyalgia though?

Apparently not. That is me. Stigma breaker! Smashed that one down! Boom! But yeah children can as well. And MEN too! I KNOW, people are shocked by that. But it is true. Young, old, in the middle… we all can get it. Whoo.

I heard fibromyalgia is all in your head, is that true?

Good question. In the psychological aspect, you are referring to that makes me want to throat punch you, no, it isn’t true. In the sense that fibromyalgia is thought to be a malfunctioning pain processing problem IN THE BRAIN and nervous system it is in fact in our heads partly. A lot of researching is showing it is also in our small-fiber nerves. Actual research. On our bodies. As in physical proof. That it isn’t ‘all in our heads’.

I heard people with FM are just lazy and want to get on disability, is this true?

Good question. Just want to get on disability? Why? For all the big bucks? The fame? The glory? Sorry, that makes no sense to me at all. First, not all of us Are disabled by FM. And work with it. And those that are have it severely. It can get quite severe. Trust me when I say it is hard to function with, especially when you add in the comorbids in there. I have no idea how I do, or even if one can say I do really. I don’t have a good ‘functioning’ track record.

I heard like FM is just sore muscles, is that true?

Good question. No. It is widespread pain, so aching all over. It is also allodynia pain- like your flesh is on fire and stung by a thousand vicious wasps. It is hypersensitive to pain, so we feel it faster and longer. But it is a syndrome that comes with 101 symptoms with include cognitive dysfunction, sleep dysfunction and fatigue. Often comorbid with things like IBS and migraines among other things.

Baseline widespread pain is like our baseline pain. It is like the crap we feel every day. It gets better or worse depending on things we do or don’t do. Positions we are in, standing too long, sitting too long. Flaring if we did too much. The weather. Too much sleeping, not enough. Existing. And ‘the have no idea why’ but we are flaring anyway flare.

I heard like trauma in childhood can cause it, is that true?

Good question. Actually, a trauma of any sort can trigger it. As can accident and illness. But some of, like myself, it just happened. Or in my case likely triggered by the existing pain from the joint hypermobility syndrome.

And those are the really, real answers I have to fibromyalgia after 21 years with it, well, from official diagnosis time. 30 years overall of FM funness.

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