There is a holiday promotion for the OSKA Pulse for December 15-Decemeber 31

The Oska will be $299 which is $100 off the price.

As you all know I use the OSKA for my migraines, Fibromyalgia and neck pain with great success and highly recommend it. This would be a great gift for others and a great gift for yourself in the new year to help manage your pain!

If you use my blogger code BRAIN you get entered into a contest!

Basically the contest is this… someone is going to win their OSKA for FREE! So apply with my code at check out and to be entered to win your money back on the Oska Pulse purchase. Contest ends December 31st and a winner will be chosen at random on January 5th, 2018. Best of luck!

Contest Terms
      Contest valid December 15-31, 2017, 11:59pm PST
      Purchase valid online at www.oskawellness.com (3rd party sites such as Amazon.com are not included in this contest)
      Advocate’s code or referral link must be used at check out (BRAIN)
      Purchase must be paid in full, does not apply to 3 Easy Payments method
      Winner chosen on January 5 will receive $299 reimbursement on one device

See my comments on the OSKA here. You can also explore it at the bottom of the page in categories because I have written about it with a back pain incident I had, my neck pain, migraines and FM and the initial review.

I can tell you don’t feel a thing when using it. And you just use it continually about 5-7 times a day to start. I use it head, neck, shoulders and knees. And then you just begin to notice a change within a few months. Took the longest time for my migraines, to be honest. Combined with BOTOX, it does wonders, man. Although I am not entirely sure the botox is doing anything since I was a non-responder before and I am not even on the 3rd round yet. But it might be. Either way the Oska started reducing intensity and then I got some migraine free days in there. It was beautiful thing. The neck pain thing though. That is another story. My neck always hurt like hell. All the time. Constantly. Doesn’t hurt at all now. Occasionally with a migraine it aches a bit. But that is all. That astonishes me the most. It has also enabled me to exercise with FM. I couldn’t before. Too painful and then suddenly just not as painful. I also have EDS, so it might be because I am putting it on my knees that is where the exercise pain was inhibiting me.

Anyway, point is, it is helping me in more than a few ways with my pain management. Ways I didn’t even expect really. I didn’t expect anything would ever have an impact on my migraines ever. Didn’t seem to work on hormonal migraines, so I do depo for that now. And isn’t working for vestibular migraines with me, but that might just be because I don’t know if these are vestibular migraines or some other cause.



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