Yay! The migraine is gone, the migraine is gone! Oooh I moved. The migraine is back, the migraine is back. Celebration best done... carefully..png

I went out to a Christmas party! Bravo me! I haven’t really been leaving the house much because of all the vestibular migraine instability. But I went. And my legs were as shaky as those pictures of a doe being born… all trembling limbs. And the ground kept falling away from me. But I went! And it slowly got worse. But I went. And then I got dizzy. By then I wanted to leave. But I held on! And now I feel cruddy, spinny, dizzy, ditzy and the ground lurches beneath me. Just a couple of hours of fun and I am feeling it big time. But my spouse really wanted to go… so I went. And I damn well persevered. Shaky as all hell, but I did it.

So celebrating… best done carefully.

Best done with medication on hand. If you have migraines and it is a family gather as this was… triptan, because kids are nutballs and loud. I got one hell of a migraine from the noise in the place. Constant non-stop background noise.

Best done with an easy exit… so not dependant on others to leave if you have to leave early.

Best done with a place to sit… that can be vital. For me standing is not on my list of can dos for long right now.

Best done with pacing. Rest beforehand. Have the next day off.

Best done in moderation… drinking in moderation. Not going to too many gatherings either, because they are draining. Moderation in all things.

Best done with not a lot of drive time to get there, because that is an extra drain. Even when you are the passenger. But if you are the driver, major drain. Obviously with vestibular migraine I was the passenger on our venture.


I wish I could say that I enjoyed this venture but I was really having issues with walking. I felt like people were staring because I felt like I was walking drunk. Partly because my legs were shaking so much and partly because of the small to large sudden larger dips in the ‘falls’ in the floor… it undulated constantly but some were deeper as it were causing me to have to catch myself. Maybe no one noticed. Maybe it was just me that felt that. I feel so weak standing up. Nevertheless some days are better. I am hoping that means it is improving. Today was a bad one.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating… best done carefully

  1. The time after pushing yourself can be very trying and challenging to say the least. But I think you should be very proud of yourself – You did it, you persevered, you put on a brave face and you managed a time out that you haven’t in a while – I take my hat off to you! Now… rest up 🙂 xx

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