To start the Manual we have to acknowledge having pain is dangerous. It should only be done in the safety of your own home and never done frequently. Quite frankly we recommend not havin


Two bonus ones! (Because they wouldn’t fit on here so BONUS MATERIAL! And one alternate at the end there.)

  • ‘You are now thin so I can presume you are cured.’ Yes, the nausea and lack of appetite really helped me feel so much better. Why I feel like death warmed over. Like hell actually heated up a notch or something. Thankfully I now look cured, so all is well with the world.
  • ‘You’re just faking it’. I am so much better at faking not being in pain. If I were faking being IN pain I would actually exhibit pain behaviours which I have long since given up on because pain is just the normal course of events. In other words, I stopped screaming. I got hoarse. It got tiresome.
  • ‘Must be nice to stay at home all day.’ Actually feels brain stagnating and feels sucky for not pulling financial weight as we are the cause of financial instability. Drowns in guilt pool. This feels so nice. So very nice. Isolating and poor, but soooooo verrrrry nice. Hell, let’s have a pity party for one at my place! Me invited!

2 thoughts on “Monday Manual: Stigma

  1. Nikki, I almost don’t even want to start blogging, you’ve nailed everything so well! I can’t tell you enough how validating it is to read your blog and see someone who GETS IT. There are oh so many people out there who don’t. Thank you for putting it so eloquently. I think all of us with Fibro and other chronic pain illnesses can relate, we’re just not as good as you at writing it down!

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