Year 2017

To most read post of 2017 is… Self-Care when you are in a funk


Some of the others are ( I will exclude the Christmas ones recently):

  1. 6 Fears we have with Chronic Illness
  2. 8 Things to know if your partner has a chronic illness
  3. Managing work with chronic pain
  4. Guide to chronic pain
  5. 7 lies of chronic pain

Top research articles this year:

  1. Fibromyalgia and sensitivity to non-painful stimuli
  2. The brain fog, cognitive dysfunction, and fibromyalgia
  3. Could Fibromyalgia have autoimmune demyelinating cases (reprint)
  4. Fatigue and fibromyalgia
  5. TMD and migraines




Some notable mentions that I rather liked


Most popular Review this year was…Review: Oska Pulse


2 thoughts on “Top posts of 2017

    1. The only problem is your blog grows in a year so it is usually recent ones. lol That is why I pick some notable mentions… clearly some high posts that were popular at the time.


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