I got some fun things for Christmas. I’m a Marvel fan, big time. I got a Deadpool Tee. And I got a ‘I am Groot’ tee. That is awesome right there. I’ll be wearing them all the time. I got gift cards for Chapters, and my love of books is known far and wide. I got a Starbucks gift card, another fav. And an iTunes gift card for some tunes. All wonderful things.


But I got some thoughtful health related gifts as well.

I got the IceKap for migraines. Been something I have wanted forever. And ever. It is a hate where you fill it with frozen cooled packs and wear it to get really good full exposure ice treatment. And ice treatment is one good way to help lesson pain with a migraine. I will review it once I give it a go.

I got three books:

  1. Migraine by Oliver Sacks: I read hallucinations by Oliver Sacks and it was an awesome book. Given to me by a great migraineur friend of mine. And this one has been on my reading list for years now. I will be reading this soon maybe I should review it or talk about it with you guys as well. It should be fascinating.
  2. How to be Sick by Toni Bernhard: This has also been on my reading list for many years now as well. I have heard so many good things about it and she is a great writer. She is always so insightful. And another of hers:
  3. How to Live with Illness and Chronic Pain.  I’ll read this one after the first one and maybe it will have some pointers for a long term painer like me.

Did you get any interesting health gifts on your Christmas list this year? Last year I remember I got a heater, an electric blanket and warm fuzzy socks… that was a nice warm winter. And I am using the warm fuzzy socks and heater right now.

We spent time with my mom, stepfather, my brother and his girl. Had snacks and warm appetizers. And chatter while we opened presents and stockings. I didn’t stay as long as I wanted with this FM flare I have going on and the dizzy disequilibrium picking up speed. So we had to leave, but I did get some visiting in there. Then we came home and opened the presents to each other.

I hope you all have a low pain Christmas to spend with friends and loved ones!

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