Review: Icekap for Migraine

This is me wearing my new IceKap. Yes, I look a little dorky wearing it. Size small, which fits me snuggly. That is something to consider. Size. Without the ice a small is loose but with the ice , it just fits. So perhaps a small isn’t for everyone. I got it for Christmas this year and needed it immediately for this horrible two day migraine that smacked into me over the holidays.

So the product as you can see is a cap that surrounds your head and inside are 5 gel packs of ice. One in the back for the neck, which is a large one. One on top of the head, equally large as the back. Two more on the side of the top of the head, medium sized. And one for the forehead, which is long for that entire length wrapped around.

What I like about it:

  1. Full ice coverage. Before I could have ice on my forehead or my neck but not both, when I really desired both. This gives me all around full coverage.
  2. Good connection. It is snug and you feel the ice quite well though it. It is quite cooling.
  3. Good duration. It is a good duration of cooling. Last a long time.
  4. Comfortable. It is comfortable, not really heavy and enables me to be upright while wearing it. I can say wear it and meditate at the same time. It isn’t lumpy on the inside, since it is large gel pouches.
  5. The flap in the back for the neck provides excellent and much needed relief for that area which is a real problem are for me, especially when my Botox is running out.

It was effective in lowering my pain a notch for sure. Ice therapy is good for that and on none triptan days we have to use all the tricks we have to decrease and manage our pain. Ice therapy is one of those things. A wonderful invention for that process.

It doesn’t have anything I don’t like about it so far. I have used it twice and it worked very well both times. It is something I would definitely recommend.

Certainly was a wonderful gift. Because I love ice treatment on uncontrolled migraine days. It is one of the things in my plan of action.

Update: Okay, I use this all the time. It stays colder than all my other ice-packs and I love it. It is definitely a major item in my migraine toolkit

Information about Cold Therapy for Migraine

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2 thoughts on “Review: IceKap for migraine

  1. I’m sorry you got lumped with such a horrible migraine at the worst time, but this is a brilliant gift, very thoughtful & practical! I wondered about these types of things in terms of how long they stay cool and how comfy they are, but this sounds quite effective. I really hope it provides a little relief when needed, though obviously it’s no fix for a migraine, just making things a little more comfortable is a good start. x

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