1. Never let your past define you: Your past healthy self. Your past illness history. All can have some control over you in the present and define you in ways that are not good for your present self. Your past healthy self, is no longer you. Mourn that and move on from that image that will never be. Your past illness history doesn’t make all of who you are. You are more than that. Remember that.Indeed, the promise of Allah is truth.(2).png
  2. Never let fear of the future control you: We fear that things will get worse. We fear the unpredictability of illness. But don’t let that fear stop you from living your life.
  3. Have compassion for yourself and the struggles you have with your illness: Understand that it is difficult, frustrating and hard to live with chronic illness. And have compassion for yourself on this journey.
  4. Always allow for recovery when you need it: Downturns and flares of symptom require recovery and a lessoning of activity. Always allow yourself this recovery time of lessoned activity.
  5. Fake it till you make it doesn’t work: Pushing through the symptoms and pain works, in the short term, but never for the long haul. Survival mode and pushing through is never meant to be lived in. It will aggravate your health and worsen it.october(2).png
  6. Always pace, even on Good Days: Pacing saves us from the Boom and Bust cycle. If we pace all the time then we are less likely to have a flare of symptoms or pain.

2 thoughts on “6 Quick tips for chronic illness

  1. Fab post! Definitely need to work on not fearing the future (I spend so long worrying about things like job/career in the future and how my health will impact such things, not to mention my life as a whole) and giving yourself the time to rest and recover when your body needs it. x

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    1. I have immense fear of the future at times due to the unpredictability of this illness. Lately I have been telling myself I have no control over these changes and I just have to take it as it comes and just live life until then.

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