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I thought I was getting better. For two days the vestibular symptoms were better for a greater part of the day, and worse at night, but they always get worse as the day goes on. It is the fact they were pretty good for the better part of the day that had me hoping I was improving.

Then the next day, not so good.

Then today horrible. Really needed that cane today for sure.

And I thought I had a bit of a pattern on those lesser days. The longer I slept the better I felt. I sleep more because I feel so horrible at night I go to bed early, so as a result I am sleeping too much. But then today, well, last night because I felt so unwell I went to bed Very early and slept way to much and felt horrific. So there goes that theory. I am surprisingly tired from these vestibular symptoms. Whether it is the symptoms or the lack of being able to do much I don’t know. Likely both. Being this dizzy sort of draining.

However, the more I Lay down the better I feel. So it could be I Rested more those days. Over-rested even and felt better for it. But it is hard to rest that much. Because I get bored. But being upright or worse standing or even worse of all doing something makes it get worse.

And yet, spontaneous good days. And spontaneous very bad days.

And what doesn’t make any logical sense to me is why lying down makes me feel so much better when in the past for vestibular migraine it made not one bit of difference. But it sure does with these ones. The symptoms are much more mild. Quite noticeably so. Sometimes I get some dizziness that makes it hard to sleep and I have to get up, but that isn’t often. And I do get very mild sensations of movement, up and down. But nothing like I get when sitting up or standing. It is like just leftover… like it just settles down going mild and then away when I lay down.

The hearing symptoms are also quite a bit more notable than they used to be as well. From decreased hearing and increased ringing, to this fullness sensation, to this fluctuating hearing between both ears accompanied by a sense of dizziness. I used to get the first… rarely. Now it is a frequent thing, all of it. Daily.

I speculate this isn’t vestibular migraine at all. But maybe I am more vulnerable to whatever this is because I do get vestibular migraine. Or it is a worsening of the vestibular migraine to a degree I am unfamiliar with.

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