Airing my LaundryYou can link up any day of the week. All you have to do is make a list of what you’re okay about. Simple!

I don’t feel okay today. It is a bad day. But I can’t blog much because it is a bad day indeed. So this one is short and to the point.

Life lesson(1).png

Hey, It’s okay… that I can’t do much around the house right now. I have to give myself a break. Vestibular symptoms are not joke.


Hey, it’s okay… to feel a bit sad because I can’t be productive.


Hey, it’s okay… I am currently having a pity party. I can have a pity party once in a while.


Hey, it’s okay… I have to use a cane some days now, even though I don’t want to and it makes me feel more ill. I need it, so I will use it.


Hey, it’s okay… I am a little afraid these symptoms are never going to go away.


Hey, it’s okay… I am not okay right now.

11 thoughts on “Hey… It’s Okay

  1. Hang in there! This will pass and you’ll be back to walking freely in no time. I hope you find some relief in the mean time though. Keep your head up, it’s OK to have bad days.

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  2. Hey there fellow vertigo warrior. I know how you feel. I have a pituitary disorder, and intense vertigo is one of my most debilitating symptoms. I have considered getting myself a cane from time to time, but I guess I’m too embarrassed to admit I need one sometimes, so J opt to just remain lying down.

    Your post here really spoke to me. Thank you for the reminders! Between the vertigo, the fatigue, and other symptoms, I am often forced to face the face that sometimes I can’t do anything but rest and feel sorry for myself. Knowing there is no cure doesn’t help either.

    I hope your symptoms subside soon! Hang in there dizzy chick!

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    1. It is really great to hear from someone that understands! It has been so intense lately that rest is about the only option. And that is driving me up the wall. The cane helps a bit because I get these sudden extreme falling sensations and if the cane is there I don’t have to grab onto other things or, well, fall. lol

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      1. I hate that you have to go through this too, but I agree it is nice to meet other people who know what this is like.

        I bet the cane does help a lot! I tend to just rely on walls and furniture for support. Lol

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      1. Each day certainly brings new challenges and struggles when you have chronic illness. We just don’t know if they are new additions to our long list of symptoms and conditions or if they are a temporary pitstop that causes harder days. Here’s to hoping that easier days are just around the corner. It’s that hope that keeps me moving some days! Lol

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