To start the Manual we have to acknowledge having pain is dangerous. It should only be done in the safety of your own home and never done frequently. Quite frankly we recommend not havindoctor

All joking aside, my doctor is awesome. She does listen and does everything possible for me. I have had horrible doctors in the past, so I know bad doctors. She truly listens and cares, which is a good combo. Not to mention she is extremely intelligent.

Some extras:

  • Remember when going to the doctor to get there early, in order to get in late.
  • Remember to write down what you want to talk about and then leave that list at home so you forget the most important thing you wanted to talk about.
  • Put off talking about a less important symptom for about six months. So that when you do mention it as it does become important your doctor can give you the ‘look’. But then give them a ‘look’ back that says ‘I only have ten minutes to talk about all this chronic illness crap and minor symptoms don’t count until they count’. I have no idea what that look looks like. But make it dramatic.
  • When you get a new comorbid condition yell out ‘Finally I have the full set! I’ve been waiting to collect that one for years!’
  • Remind them they are being graded for Bring a notepad. Make sure to frown occasionally and write in it.

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