fibromyalgia flare

The ‘what the what’ fibromyalgia Flare

I am fibro flaring bad. I have severe allodynia pain on my back right now. I have a wicked migraine. And my fibromyalgia decided to join in with a massive Flare up. No reason at all for it, just a pain on pain flare.  What are the types of Flares we have? I will tell you.

the what the what fibro flare- flares you should know but don't.png

The ‘why did I even do that’ Flare

You know this Flare. You maybe were doing something innocuous as household chores or lawn work. And then… why not to More. You feel fine, am I right? So you push on and hell yeah stuff gets done! Bravo! You feel productive and it is great you got way more done than usual. You painted the whole house in a Day! But you are very sore. Your muscles are weak and hurt in so many places. And the next day? Everywhere hurts so much. And for the next week… pain.

The ‘I slept too long’ Flare

You know you haven’t had any good sleep all week long. And maybe you work so you couldn’t get a good nights rest. And that insomnia is dragging you down with epic fatigue levels. So on the weekend you crash and you sleep 12 hours. But when you get up you hurt in your knees, your hips, your shoulders, you lower back… it is the you were laying down too long Flare.

It is the ‘what did I even Do’ fibromyalgia Flare

You did nothing. The weather didn’t change. You slept normally. Nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe Saturn is in Retrograde. Who knows. But you have a Flare. Maybe for days and days. But who knows the cause. Maybe stress? Maybe you have a cold? We can never know on this one. It is a mystery Flare.

The ‘weather’ Flare

Studies have shown it isn’t the weather but we know it is the weather Flare. Storm rolls in and you feel it.

The ‘Flare Flare’

This is when all comorbid pain hits you at once. So you have a migraine, a fibromyalgia flare and severe allodynia flaring from FM all at the same time. That is my Flare right now. It is the pain on pain Flare. Could be any comorbid pain condition suddenly getting worse at the precise time you are suddenly Flaring with the FM.

It is the ‘I did it because I wanted to damn well do it’ Flare

This Flare is one we know is coming. We want to do something whether it is go on vacation or bowling or whatever it is you Want to do and Know it will cause a Flare, but you damn well want to do it. Often we do such things on days we know there will be recovery time. We plan these Flares. We are willing to suffer the consequences for the thing we want to do.

It is the ‘I got really stressed’ Flare

This one happens at the worst time. You are in a really stressful situation, stressful time in your life… stuff is happening you have to deal with. Things are difficult to handle. And Bam Flare added to all that stress. Also happens with emotional stress.

What flare happens to you often?

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  1. I typically suffer from the “why did I even do that” flare and the “i did it because i wanted to”
    Right now I’m “why did I even do that.” I did a little rearranging in my room….not all at once but a little bit at a time and I’m paying for it now. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly. It’s like, “Okay I’ll do this much.” and then we get through it and think “oh I’m still feeling good” not realizing that we’ll feel the pain later. UGH!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m sorry you’re struggling so much at the moment. I can empathise with the ups and downs of fibro, and I found this such interesting reading as I’d never really thought of the different types of flare before. Definitely feeling the weather flare & “what did I even do” flare!! xx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m a frequent flier of the because I wanted to and did too much flairs. I also get these fatigue/exhaustion flairs and I seriously wonder if I have the flu but the only symptom I have is the fatigue. My body says nope your not leaving your bed this week. They always last about 5 days and for no apparent reason.

    Liked by 1 person

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