So I have been plagued by these vestibular problems. Intense dizzy spells, brain fog of the likes I can’t even describe when that happens, lightheaded and spacy feelings, vertigo, and disequilibrium. This constant sensation of falling. It is a major problem. I can’t drive. I can’t work. I can’t do much of anything.

So I applied for short term, naturally, and my doctor concurred. She is sending me to an ENT. She wants to rule out Meniere’s disease I believe. And a CAT scan, which is on Feb 17th. No news on the ENT yet. First they said the wouldn’t approve me without doctor notes and specifics on the specialist I was referred to. My doctor did that. Makes perfect sense. Get the game plan. I get this. It delayed things and I am not getting paid, but I get it.

Today the tell me, oh, well we can’t approve you until After we get the Report from the ENT. Which I do not even know when I am seeing said person yet. I have no appointment even booked yet.

So they will not approve me until what? I have actually been diagnosed with something? Until I prove to them that there is something wrong? What about the fact I cannot actually function Now and can’t actually work Now and need coverage Until I Find out what is actually Wrong. Isn’t that what they are even for? Actual short term disability from onset the day of, the diagnosis of it and treatment? The whole thing?

I am furious with them about this.

What if, like with some vestibular conditions, such as a virus, I Improve before I even get to see the ENT? So I don’t get coverage for the lost work due to all this vestibular crap I am enduring now?! What if it is some horribly long intense vestibular migraine and it stops tomorrow? What then? No coverage for lost hours and pay?

This is ridiculous. It is like they don’t believe me or my doctor at all about the existence of the issue to approve it before someone else tells them it is there.

I just assumed I would get approval until a) the vestibular symptoms went away on their own or b) until they could figure out the cause in order to treat it. Apparently not. Apparently they have to see the evidence First before they will even approve me. And I don’t know when that will be and I might even be better and at work before I ever see someone for it the way that is going.

So this is going to be such a fun month of not paying bills. Thanks so much for nothing. Goddamn these vestibular symptoms anyway. If it isn’t one thing it is something else. What dicks.

4 thoughts on “Short term disability rant

  1. The bureaucracy is something that I hate with a passion. They should put themselves into your life, even for a day, and they would see that you need this now. Hoping that there is a way through this for you.

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  2. That is fu*ked up, its not like they pay your full salary anyways. I used to work in HR but I couldn’t do the insurance/disability/workers comp side they piss me off to much. I really wish I knew of a loophole that would help, I’m soo sorry your going through this.

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