Presents I'd want for Valentine's Day, Seriously

I know, flowers & chocolates are classic. You cannot go wrong with either. And I have on my desk from last year a wee stuffed monkey that when you squeeze it whistles at you. It is there because I love it. But there are just some things I really, really want that are hard to come by. Those tricky gifts for the chronically ill that you think about but just never, ever get.

A really, nice, refreshing coma

I’m not saying forever here. Or like Years. But maybe a few months of refreshing coma like sleep of non-painness seems nice. Likely isn’t nice. I bet it feels like sleep paralysis hell. But let me dream, man, let me dream. Also he might be arrested if he put me into a coma, so maybe this one is out.

A brand new robot body!!!

Hell Yeah!! Just replace every part of this and transplant my brain into my brand new robot body. Make it svelte though. And just a wee bit taller so I can reach things. Definitely pain free, that is a must. But he better not buy it at IKEA. That is just asking for trouble there.

A nice long nap

Just let me sleep. For the love of all that is holy let me sleep.

A pile of kittens to play with whenever I want stress relief

I mean who doesn’t want this? Unfortunately, I might want to keep them all after. It is a risk I will have to take for stress reduction.

A new brain

Okay, so maybe a whole new robot body is a Big ask. But maybe a new robot brain isn’t that much to ask for. Just transplant my consciousness into this new, not broken, brain without all the pain cornification and depression business it has going on and I will just deal with the other physical problems I have. I mean no FM, no migraines, no vertigo, and no depression seems a steal of a deal really. Although not sure about the FM… might not be just the brain, but it might be so lets give it a go! Make it the same otherwise though, because I don’t want to be a different me or anything. So you know lets be precise about this. This might have to be a black market deal. Not sure.

A billion million dollars

Okay, not that much. But winning the lottery would be nice. That would not having to work thing would be really, really ideal right now with this vertigo hell. I could go to all the advocate conventions I want to. Support all the charities I want to. Ah, yes… we can all dream, right? So my spouse can totally buy me a winning ticket. Mind you, he has much more luck than me.

A puppy!

Not to have, really. Because I don’t really have the balance or energy to walk or care for a dog… which is what I heard puppies turn into. More so to cuddle, squeeze, and call him George for about an hour. Sort of a happiness boost. Like maybe once a day he can find me someone’s puppy to love and then give back. It will boost my happiness and then cause some mild trauma when I hand them back.

A blanket fort

A feel like this needs no explanation. If you need me, I’ll be in my blanket fort.

Time outside of the house!

Yes, he could take me Outside of the House to do pretty much anything to alleviate my cabin fever. Unfortunately, this would also require the gift of Symptom Free Day. Or at the very least no damn vestibular symptoms. Still, that would be an awesome combo gift really.

A cure for Migraines or fibromyalgia or Both

Just kidding. That is just crazy talk. Completely unrealistic. And I want to keep this list in the realm of possibility. Keeping it real and all.


Realistically I just want to spend time with my spouse, to be honest. I don’t expect much because it isn’t a holiday I much value, really. I just want some snuggles and maybe we can just chill with some Netflix. There is a new series I want to get into. We have almost made it to 21 years. I think we are fine without anything on Valentine’s Day. But he always buys me something. It means a lot to him to do so. Maybe not On the day of, but on pay day near it. Or when the insanity of it dies down.





6 thoughts on “Presents I’d want for Valentine’s Day, Seriously.

  1. Trust me, you don’t want a puppy. They’re the pain you go through to get the dog you want. So much work (we got our last two pups during winter – not the best season for house training!). The adults are so much better. Although maybe not Great Danes – ours seems to have no sense of personal space, and specialises in leaning her bony jaw over my legs, particularly whilst in the middle of a fibro flare.

    Love your list – it bears a remarkable similarity to mine (swapping out migraines for CFS). And hooray for partners who hang in there with us.

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