Why si this migraine so bad. I mean really.png

Time for why is my migraine so bad? Because damn it is driving me up the wall with pain right now, for days now.

Botox fail

I got a bad batch of botox and now I shall suffer until the next batch. Or it is just the After Botox Pain Slump lasting longer than it usually does. Damn you Botox!


I nodded

And this rattled my brains into an epic migraine

I coughed

And this further rattled my brains into a legendary migraine


I used Too much ice therapy

In the last couple of days, I have used a lot of ice to help the pain. And maybe the heating and icing and heating and icing cracked my brain.


When all explanations fail, it is aliens. Likely an alien implant has exploded in my brain. This does also explain all that sleep paralysis… where they likely implanted the device in the first place.

Mutant superpowers

2 (2).png

We all know that developing mutant superpowers is a painful process. It could be that mine is Finally developing. Likely some sort of mental ones given the intensity of the migraine pain. Like some awesome telepathy or telekinetic powers. I have been anticipating this day ever since my comic collecting days. Apparently, it is a long drawn out process though. Decades of pain seems exessive. Still… X-Men here I come!

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