Weird migraine symptoms


Frequent urination

Yeah, it is just a lot of peeing and drinking water, peeing and drinking water. An endless cycle of peeing water.

Odd migraine symptoms_ Frequent urination.


Am I sleepy? Or impending migraine doom? Sleepy? Migraine? Yeah, it was both actually. But it is incessant yawning. You can’t stop Yawning.

strange migraine symptoms_ yawning.png

Auditory hallucinations

You know auras are not that weird to me. Tingling or numbness? Not weird. Visual weirdness? Too common for me with persistent migraine auras. But auditory hallucinations are epically Weird because you don’t Know if they are outside of the brain or Not. Hell, sometimes I am half convinced my house is haunted. Yes, I believe in ghosts. I have had one or two very bizarre ghosts stories that defy my logical rational brain. Anyway, I had one I got for several months. This persistent music box sound. It was driving me bonkers. I looked for that sound Everywhere. Because… I was sure it was Outside of my head. Still freaks me out a bit. I do not see auras that in any way I think are outside of my head. But when you hear something, you think it is the radio or the TV or some damn music box stuffed somewhere. I thought it could have been any of those.

Olfactory Hallucinations

Alright, just to be clear… these also seem like they are outside of the old brain ball. I have hunted the house for some foul odor that doesn’t exist. I have smelled cooking food and thought my spouse was home when he wasn’t. Smelled something burning and freaked out. Yeah, this is in the realm of weird auras.


Less weird and more horrifically painful and totally uncalled for. This is burning skin pain or a hypersensitivity to touch. Most people with migraine get it on the scalp and feel like their ‘hair hurts’ but you can get it anywhere. Right now, my shoulder blade is on fire even though I have tried to numb it with lidocaine.

Loss of hearing

My hearing fluctuates. This morning I lost it for a few hours on the left side. Always the left side. I did get Massive Ringing instead. So much better than hearing. Yay!


Had this happen to me a few months ago. Which is a new thing for me. Only happened once before eons ago. Suddenly I was like why is the room so dark when the window is right there? I moved my head and realized it was on one side. Closed the other eye. And yeah, blind on one side. But it came back online quickly. The first time that happened so long ago… wasn’t so quick.


Yep. Out goes the lights. Totally disorientating when you wake up on the floor. I was told by a doc it is a pain response by the brain. Yeah. Sure. Then it would happen all the time. Wouldn’t that be nice? Migraine. Pass out until it is over. Every time. Works for me.


Because who needs to communicate anyway? Make people guess what you are trying to say and make a game of it. Because one thing is for sure with aphasia we have a hell of a time saying the right word and speaking.

Shhhhh. Be very quiet. I might just find the thought that vanished from my brain. Wait... almost...yeah... no, gone.




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