Self-care hobby coloring

So one thing people recommend for relaxing and zenning out is the simple act of coloring. Just like the good old days.

I actually can only indulge in this for short periods of time due to my nerve damage in my dominant hand. And, also, sort of suck at it as a result. But I rather think it is a good exercise for that hand too. It is rather relaxing.

And it helps with:

  • reduce anxiety and stress at the moment
  • to boost mindfulness
  • to focus on the moment and turn off other thoughts
  • increase focus and concentration
  • express creativity

There are tons of adult coloring books out there on the market. I mean tons. From complex to insanely complex.

I have one that is this complex animal design one. One that is straight up mandalas. There are all sorts to choose from.

However, these caught my eye if you want to give one a try. They are on my list now.

Sugar Skulls at Midnight Adult Coloring Book : Volume 2 Animals & Aliens

Actually, the first volume looks very fun as well. The designs are unique and interesting and look quite fun to try. Ranked 4.6 out of 5 by 80 people. One-sided pages, with black backgrounds to the main image to sort of make the image pop right out. Basically animals and alien looking sugar skulls… I think that sounds fun.

Mandala Coloring Book For Adults

I like straight up Mandalas actually. Simple in design and relaxing. This one caught my eye simply because of design features. The spiral notepad design… flipping upward so you don’t get the previous page in the way of the new one. They say they use high-quality paper. And they have tear-away pages. They designed this right, for sure. But it is the most expensive one I liked at 17.99. So well over the others.

Calm the F*ck down

Samples are creative and interesting. I love the designs and saying. It is cost effective at under 5 bucks. Someone commented that it is one-sided images so the ink will Not bleed through, and that is cool. And the title…well, it grabbed me, let’s just say that. 4.4 out of 5 stars and over a 1000 reviews.

Fresh out of F*cks

I had to add this one too. A little more hardcore on the swear side for that extra, extra relaxation. 24 reviews. 4.8 out of 5 stars. Also one-sided images on thick paper.

And I totally need these:

I just have pencil crayons at the moment.

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5 thoughts on “Self Care Sunday: Coloring

    1. That is great! I love it too. Just hard to do with the nerve damage for too long. Just get into it and then my hand all cramps up. But I still do for shorter periods.


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