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Review: Battle Balm
I am reviewing:

Extra Strength Battle Balm + CBD


Demon Strength Battle Balm Stick

First I want to get into some things about Battle Balm and policies that I liked. I am particular about products due to product sensitivities to chemicals. Add it too many of all that… and my skin rather reacts to it. I literally cannot wear make-up. I react to the foaming chemical in shampoo. Yeah. So I am careful. Too many synthetic ‘fragrances’ and my migraines react to it. So it is refreshing that I didn’t have to deal with any of that.

Here is what I like:
  • No parabens
  • No phthalates
  • No synthetic fragrances! YES
  • No fillers! These are never good things.
  • No artificial ingredients! Mostly things I have a problem with. Including no synthetic dyes and no added colors. So it is made with all natural ingredients. And these are typically the products I like to use and promote.
  • Organic beeswax and extracts
  • And they have a policy for being environmentally responsible with responsible manufacturing.

And so I had no reaction to it in any way. I do tend to like the menthol based scents though… they don’t tend to bother me. Sort of minty. Not a scent trigger for migraine-related nausea for me or a migraine itself. A lot of my migraine balms are like this, so really, not a factor for me.


This is the second CBD product I have ever tried. And I am in love with it. I think it has replaced every migraine balm I have ever used and every pain balm I have ever used all at once. It is a legendary pain fighting formula for my legendary pain levels. It has 100mg of CBD per 2ozs.

It goes on smooth. It isn’t at all sticky. It doesn’t leave a strong residue to it at all. A very non-greasy formula. It absorbs quite well in fact. I’d say I smell the wintergreen the most. It isn’t a mild scent but it isn’t unpleasant. Reminds me of Vicks Vapour Rub without the eucalyptus, likely from the camphor which will clear the sinuses and more of the wintergreen tones in there.

I have been using it on my neck pain from migraines, as that is an area that is immensely painful all the time. As well as a migraine balm (forehead, temples, TMJ joint). Migraine-wise it worked well on these areas, as it is just the right strength to tackle those and the scent isn’t overpowering. As well as other problem areas such as knees and shoulder blades for fibromyalgia-related pain. This is going to be excellent for my knees after exercise. It also worked on my hand pain, which I suspect is arthritis or FM-related. I just rubbed it on my hands in the morning when I stretch them. It worked exceptionally well my pain overall. And I love the product.

I used this product the most of the two so far. It has lesser ingredient intensity to it, but it does have the added bang of the CBD. I was insanely impressed with the Demon product (see below) for my intense pain, but this one worked excellently, I got the relief I desired from it, and I just seemed to need so little of it really. It spreads so well that I feel like the tin I got will last for some time. It penetrates deeply. I am deeply satisfied with the results. Like I said, this is the second CBD product I have tried and, man, I am Really liking it. There is nothing in this product that doesn’t get the job done. And it gets the job done.


  • 12% menthol (This is more than my spouse’s prescribed arthritis cream by the way, which I used to steal from him. And That is a sticky goopy mess)
  • 9% wintergreen (nerve pain, headache, arthritis)
  • 7% Camphor (A product you might be familiar with that has this is Vick’s Vapour rub and it is actually good for arthritis and inflammation among other things, including, congestion.)
  • 5% Cajeput (Also good for arthritis and muscle cramps.)
  • And 100mg CDB per 2 oz

*There is No THC in this product. It is hemp-based CBD only.

Demon Strength Battle Balm Stick

I’ll say this… you’d think it couldn’t get better, but it does get better. Now, this is strong. Just the right sort of strength to handle that demon pain. You know the pain I’m talking about.

Similar to the tin this formulation is slick. It goes on well and without that sticky residue. I do prefer the tin though. I felt like I was getting too much with the stick, whereas I could control it better with the tin. However, I was using the stick on broader areas, so that didn’t make much of a difference in the end. I would, however, personally buy the tin. My preference on that.

This was sublime on my back. I was in heaven. I also used it on my neck pain as well and damn! This is Epic strength for pain. This is chronic pain strength to the nth degree. This was on a wish list I didn’t even know I had! I’m not even sure how I existed without it, but now that I have it I am completely in love with it.

I was decreasing my tramadol to see if it is causing my recent dizzy spells (it isn’t) but as a result of this experiment massive fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndrome flaring pain in my ankles, knees, back… well you get the point. To say that I smell of wintergreen at this very moment is an understatement because I have been using this Demon strength on some major areas to manage pain. Especially the knees, since that is a painful zone for both FM and hypermobility related pain. It has worked better than any other topical agent that I have tried, to be honest. But it would be more Flare up pain for me on the fibromyalgia side of the spectrum. That extra boost you need when pain gets insane… or demon strength. You are going to have to be aware (migraine peeps) that the scent is stronger if this sort of scent is an issue for you… if so you might want to stick to the extra-strength, which I actually think migraine-wise is perfect.

Ingredient strength:

  • 16% menthol
  • 15% wintergreen
  • 11% Camphor
  • 7% Cajeput

*by the by, they are coming out with this in CBD in the future… so wow! There CBD versions for the regular strength and Demon strength later in the summer.

So would I use this again?

I sure would use this again. This product is a really good fit for me, to be honest. I’m impressed by it. I’m using it regularly. It sure beats my Japanese Mint Oil. I don’t have much experience with CBD products and I’m really glad I got the chance to explore this one to add to my repertoire. The Extra Strength really did it for me. The Demon strength was Flare up pain worthy. I might have to order all strengths in the CBD versions when they come out for all levels of pain. Because, man, I do love that CBD version a massive amount.

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