When you are ready for spring (because you loathe winter).png

It is March. It is spring, isn’t it? Not in Canada, it isn’t. No, we just had a blizzard. But it is warm winter, not freezing winter. It is Almost Spring and that makes me happy. Winter is not a fun time for me. So I am glad it is on its way out.

Why I loathe winter:

It makes me want to hibernate

Yeah, the darkness and the cold and the darkness. Makes me want to snuggle in some warm blankies and never come out. So I have warm fuzzy socks, a heated blanket, a space heater in my computer room, and about eight hoodies.

I hate all the snow… it makes my eyeballs hurt

Okay, it is stark. It is so stark and white I just don’t like it. The first snowfall is beautiful but that sort of is about it. Also when frost sort of gently hugs everything with crystals, that is beautiful. But come on, months of it is just enough already. And, yeah, it is sharp on my photophobic eyeballs. Maybe I am weird for wearing sunglasses in winter, I don’t know, but all that snow is Bright, damn it.

There is not too much flux in the weather, so not too many sudden weather changes to cause migraines

I’ll give it that. But since my migraines are chronic and not all triggered by weather how much of a perk is this?

If I have a migraine and I go outside when it is windy and frigid it actually makes my head hurt…

just the cool air compressing my skull and the wind biting causing my skin to hurt because my skull skin is oversensitized from a migraine. It is a vice is squeezing my head. Not cool. Well, very cold, but not cool.

The nerve damage in my hand goes nutbars

And that means driving with a cold steering wheel and scraping the car become a painful ordeal.

My fibromyalgia goes nutbars

I have no idea why but I flare a lot during the winter. Just a flare fest really. I am flaring right now.

I rather feel being a hermit works this time of year really.

Ah, yes, the isolation. Less socialization. The darkness. Less time outside. The darkness. Hermitude at its best.


Oh, though I like snuggling up with some tea, a good book in my heated blanket. Nothing better than that.

But tonight is Daylights Savings. And soon… spring. And with it spring migraine season. So with every season comes its woes. Beautiful spring, how I love it so, but the migraine woes not so much.

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