There are a lot of reasons with chronic illness for the inability to sleep at night. I find these to be the Most Common

Why I'm not sleeping.png



The complete incapacity to be content with the temperature.

Too hot. It is an inferno in here.

Too cold. I’m turning into an icicle, damn it.

Too not quite right enough. Snuggle in the blanket. Take the blanket off completely. Put it back on and stick one delicate foot out.

Sleep deprivation

Oddly enough when you are sleep deprived you can’t sleep. Murphy’s law. I tend to get sleep paralysis and have to unglue myself from the state. Then get stuck in it. Unstick myself. Stuck again. Freak out because I keep getting stuck in it.

Another one? Hypnic jerks. You slightly get to stage one sleep. And then massive muscle jerk pulling you into full alertness!? What the what?


That is so comfortable.

Okay, now it hurts.

Flip to the non-ouchie side.

And now that hurts.

On the stomach then.

Okay, my back hurts.

Flip to the less painful side.

Right, now I have to pee.

The Owl

No explanation necessary.

When you can't sleep at night there is a 100% chance this owl is staring at you.png

My spouse

Your spouse stole all the covers. And then rolled over onto your face. Just me? Okay, but still, totally a cause for insomnia.

The perfect time to worry

Ah, yes, it is the perfect time to worry about every single little thing. Like how your insurance company isn’t paying your short-term leave yet. Like that. Let’s mull that over, instead of sleeping.

Midnight Migraine Surprise!

Hello, acute migraine from hell just as I want to drift off to sleep. That was entirely uncalled for.

My cat

Yes, that loving ball of affection has decided it is time to see if you are awake by poking you in the face.

9 thoughts on “Why I’m not sleeping

  1. Definitely lots of reasons with these being the most common for problematic sleep. I don’t think I’ve ever been a great sleeper and periods of insomnia have plagued me quite regularly the last couple of years. I’m more aware now with having a stoma bag and needing to be up in the night, too, but that’s never a problem because I can’t sleep! I’m glad you mentioned being over-tired because I find that to be so true for me; the less sleep I get, the less I’m able to sleep, the more wired I feel. And interesting you said about sleep paralysis because I experience that as well (not every day thankfully) and it’s as scary as it is infuriating, but I’ve no idea what really causes it. Great post x


  2. I am lying here in bed mulling over why my fibromyalgia flared up so bad last night that I can barely move. I was reading about FM on my phone and your blog was recommended. I just read this post about sleep. It was so funny! Thank you! Honestly, humor is so important when you’re dealing with chronic pain, or just life in general! Thank you again!

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