depression do not medication shame me

If you want to tick me off… post this or one of the similar ones out there. Depression medication shaming is a thing.


By far the worst meme I have ever seen on Facebook was once again posted in a support group. In an actual support group. Seriously, people?

I have made an alternate image on my Facebook page

Do not med shame me with depression

I will not be med shamed for taking a medication to help with my Major Depressive Disorder. It likely has saved my life. And it certainly has helped me manage and cope with depression.

You know I have done therapy as well and it is massively beneficial. And yes, many people do not need medication at all and therapy alone is sufficient.

I also meditate and that helps with stress management and pain perception.

I do various self-care techniques to assist with mood management.

And I do many things to help cope and manage pain, which directly helps me manage my mood.

And I take medication. Because, for me, I need it to manage the suicidal ideation and intent.

Will I need it forever? Not likely. But I will need it for a time.

The absolute worst thing someone can do is shame someone else for taking medication.

Oh… Big Pharma is making money off of us.

Oh, the side effects.

Oh, just life-long addiction.

Oh, why not try the natural approach?

First, you have no right to judge how others survive their chronic illness

Second, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another

Third, maybe a natural treatment worked for you but maybe it simply isn’t sufficient for another.

Fourth, it is dangerous with depression to tell someone they simply do not need medication when in fact their very severe depression may very well need it.

Fifth, yes, companies make money off of us, but when we need medication to function it is moot. Many medications are necessary. Many save lives.

Sixth, some of us do many things from alternative treatments to supplements, to medications to manage our chronic illnesses. And none of that is wrong. We all have different approaches and plans to treatments. If it works, then keep at it.

Seventh, shaming people is what makes them hide their depression and not seek treatment. Makes them think they can just deal with it on their own because it is seen as a ‘weakness’ that surely they can just ‘deal with’. Promoting this stigma is massively harmful.

We do not need anymore stigma with depression. We get plenty. Let alone medication shaming for when we Treat our depression.

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10 thoughts on “Depression: Do Not med shame me

  1. Very nicely said – I get the whole nature-rather-than-chemicals malarky and it works for some, but not for everyone and medications can be lifesaving, making a huge difference on lives. People should certainly not med shame out of such ignorance! x

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  2. Put simply, some people’s body chemistry needs the medication to do the job. And that is completely okay. I have had many clients who did well on meds and many who have not done well. It is a complicated interconnected combination of getting the meds to jive right with your body and your brain, while making sure it doesn’t wreak complete havoc on your nervous system. It is often not a fix-all, but it sure has helped so many people deal with whatever it was that contributed to the depression in the first place. I personally like to use meds as a last result, as that is also most of my clients’ preference, but if you need it, you need it. I applaud you for bravely facing your depression and getting the treatment you need. 🙂

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    1. I agree with your thinking, that it is a last resort. That was the way it was with me. We did a lot of things via therapy to manage my depression. Just wasn’t quite sufficient. That isn’t to say I’ll be on it forever, just that for now it is necessary.

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      1. That’s what Thomas takes. Without it, he’s a monster. It’s awful to say something like that about my own kid, but it’s the truth. He was diagnosed with Intermittent Mood Disorder almost ten years ago now. Explains a lot. But if he lets his Abilify lapse … ugh. 😦

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      2. I take it because I can’t take antidepressants. Ironically they affect my mood adversely! So that was one of the alternatives they suggested. It works very well for me though. I’m glad I tried it.


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