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I have Fibromyalgia and back pain. For migraines, ice therapy is perfect. But for FM and back pain, heat is what I need. And that is what I first thought was appealing about this product. But there is more to it than that.

HealthyLine manufacturers and sells heated and natural gemstone therapy mats. And it is the mats that I am interested in for the flexibility it could have in my treatment. HealthyLine has a versatile product that interests me because I could use it during meditation, lay it on the bed during a nap, lay it on the couch for reading or rest, and use it during my physio exercises. They offer a lot of flexibility in their products in addition to those mats that intrigue me, including, heated shoulder pads, knee pads, pillows, and energy bedding.

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  • Use in your own home for pain management techniques that work for you
  • One year warranty and lifetime trade in
  • Flexibility in the use of the product for pain management
  • Negative ion therapy
  • PEMF technology
  • Far infrared therapy
  • Hot stone therapy
  • Photon light therapy
Stones uses:
  • Jade
  • Tourmaline
  • Amethyst
  • Obsidian

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Product design features:
Hot stone therapy:

There is a reason this is a form of massage. It is extremely relaxing. It relaxes the tension in the muscles. Research has linked it to lowering stress and anxiety. Pressure point stress relief on the body. And the heat on the specified gemstones releases far infrared ray and negative ions. Quite frankly, this alone I like. Heat therapy for pain is beneficial. But this has more than just the heat therapy.

Far infrared therapy:

This is most commonly received through sunlight but is also released via heating the gemstones. Essential benefits are stimulating your circulatory system, decreasing pain, inflammation, stiffness, stress levels, and promoting relaxation.

Study for lower back pain

Study for Chronic Pain

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields:

I am interested in this because I already use PEMF therapy for pain and it works for me. And having something that covers a wider area interests me a great deal. PEMF therapy has some good research to it for pain, including migraine, and is FDA approved to help with joint pain, bone repair, and even depression. It has been researched to help with arthritis, chronic pain, migraines, fibromyalgia and more. It has proven to be safe, non-evasive, and of course is a drug-free pain management strategy. PEMF is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.  Basically, it helps with muscle stiffness, improves pain improve circulation, and decrease inflamation. HealthyLine bases their frequency on the latest research at 7.83Hz, 3000 milligauss, and by using a pulsed sinusoidal wave. The frequency is comparable to the Earth’s natural magnetic pulse. PEMF therapy is also used by NASA to maintain the health of astronauts in orbit.

PEMF for migraine study

There was a PEMF study on FM as well using a small device that I use currently, and that does indeed show research in the fibromyalgia area. I know for me it has helped with FM and migraine, so this is actually a significant perk to this product.

You don’t feel PEMF treatment. You just use it consistently and let it do its thing. It takes about three months of continual use to see an effect, but it gets there. It is something I really do like for pain management and has helped me be able to functionally exercise without intense pain.

Photon Light Therapy:

This uses visible red light at the wavelength of 660 nanometers to reach just below the skin. As one might expect, this has been used to help with depression, in particular, SAD. It also helps with improving motor function, nerve regeneration, and aids in skin regeneration (help with wound healing and skin conditions).

Depression and anxiety study

With HealthyLine gemstone therapy mats you get more than the heat therapy for sure. The added benefit of getting PEMF treatment is extremely appealing to me since that is something I find beneficial already for migraines and fibromyalgia.


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