I am completely pain-free today!

April Fools!

And we laugh and laugh. And realize that isn’t that funny.

I'm pain-free and other April Foolery

But what can we say on April Fools Day to entertain ourselves?

How about:

  1. That Tylenol really did resolve all your pain!
  2. Tell them after reflecting on all their advice over the years you have decided to go off all your medication and start a wheatgrass only diet for a year for your chronic illness. Be adamant about it.
  3. Tell them you have decided to Only eat vitamins and supplements. Who needs food?
  4. Only explain your pain in interpretive dance. See if anyone gets it.
  5. Call your significant other and tell them you forgot where you parked the car and you are in a five-level parking garage lost. (This has happened to me and my car was white in a time where every car seemed to be white).
  6. Call your significant other or family member and tell them you locked yourself out of the car or house. (Again, I have done both, this is entirely plausible. Brain fog sucks)
  7. Call your significant other or family member and tell them you ran out of gas on the way home… again (Yes! It is plausible!)
  8. Go to the pharmacy and say you need a refill. Say you can’t remember what the medication is called because it is genetic. But it sounds like flenzumidemine. After they search for it and can’t find it insist you have been taking it for years. When there is a significant line-up tell them it is an April Fools joke and make a run for it. You know, make sure this isn’t even the pharmacy you use. Just repeat your name over and over and insist you are in the system.
  9. Go to a walk-in clinic and ask if you can see a doctor about a slight case of ennui. Not a bad case. Just a mild case. If they say yes, then shrug and say it doesn’t matter.
  10. Put your smartphone down. Then walk away and do something. Now hunt for it like an Easter egg. Prank on yourself!

Ah, yes, April Fools the day we trust nothing on the internet, like every other day.


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