The 2008 Migraine summit is on day 2 of 3 days with fascinating talks. I only got to two of them today… because of migraine, but I will certainly be checking out more tomorrow. It is well worth checking out.
How migraine affect your mood: Anxiety and Depression with Dawn Buse:

This was an interesting talk. For one thing, I had no idea the comorbidity with migraine and depression lead to such a high occurrence rate. Increasing with the frequency of attacks. So we are looking up to 80% of those with severe migraines and frequency that is well into chronic also having depression. And 30-50% of those with chronic migraines having a co-occurrence of depression. Important to note: Decreasing migraines helps with depression. Helping depression will help us handle the perception of pain with migraine. She also talks about the benefits of reducing stress as part of the fundamental ways we deal with migraine. Doing things such as meditation, relaxation breathing, and biofeedback equal a preventative in studies and are much more effective when we combine the two together.

See Dawn Buse’s site for more resources and information.


The mechanics of migraine in the brain and body with David Dodick:

So this talk was interesting in that he got into the phases of migraine. How the phases are not these set in stone stages. For example, someone can have the aura in the headache stage, which has happened to me. Also, we tend to think of a migraine as the headache portion, so how long the Pain lasted. But the full attack could be for up to three days, even if the pain portion was 8 to 10 hours. And the prodrome and postdrome can affect functionality as well. Which that is definitely true. He talks about the migraine brain being hypersensitive or responsive to environmental stimulus.

He also mentions that migraine refers pain to other areas; sinus area, jaw, even teeth, and certainly areas like the eyes, back of the head, and neck. Due to this, we may not have any pathology in those areas. It may be migraine. So I may not actually have TMJ when I get this nasty jaw pain and teeth pain… it may be the referred pain from the migraine.

Resources mentioned:

American Migraine Foundation

American Migraine Society


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