The Chronic Pain Manual -The really, real manual to pain book

I wrote a book. A humor based book on chronic pain. I have also written a few fantasy fiction under my pen name. (You can check those out here). I also tried to write a seriously, serious book on chronic illness… but that isn’t going anywhere yet. Humor is one of my main coping strategies. And so a coffee table book on humor.


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The chronic pain manual: the really, real manual to pain (Click here if you want to check out other buying options. Main link is to the book version on Amazon, which is my preferred method due to format) is the result.

The book blurb

Do you have pain? Have you had pain so long that you don’t even remember what not pain feels like? I mean is that even a thing? Not feeling pain? Pain level 0? We at the pain manual are not even sure anymore. And this is the Manual for you, my friend. We will go over such topics as how to know you are actually in pain to what not to do on Good Pain days. The manual was lost to us for years but was recently recovered by me. Unfortunately, only pages of it were and can be released. This is a hypothetical quote from the potentially really real author of the really, real manual: “People like me with illness just need to know what to do. We flounder with random advice. I was told yesterday to drain the black bile from my body! Black bile! I need my black bile to live! Someone needs to write something to guide us in the right direction. So we had step by step instructions on how to do this coping business.” To which the reported response was, “Suck it up, buttercup.” Well, we did suck it up, Buttercup. And the manual shows us ways to think about pain in Book 1.

I have been meaning to write this chronic pain book for some time. I had the pieces but never really got it together.

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4 thoughts on “The Chronic Pain Manual: The really, real manual to pain

  1. Wow! Congrats on the new book. Great topic – we all need to laugh more.
    I also cannot remember No pain.
    I asked my husband the other day which part of him was aching and he said NONE! I was shocked – just thought everyone had pain. In the words of the late great Jim Morrison “I been down so god damn long that it feels like up to me.”

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