Yeah, it could be a migraine aura

I had a weird migraine aura last night. It was this orb of white light with an electric blue core that zipped from the corner of the room to behind me. That core of blue? I’ve never seen that in reality. It is an indescribable blue. Only my brain makes that blue. Then I heard a music box playing in the distance. Like from across the house. I looked out the window, no one about in the middle of the night. I looked in the living room, still the middle of the night, so the TV was off. The sound was in my brain, again.


And I have come to the conclusion auras can be migraine aura or:

  • They are ghosts. Let’s face it some of them are complex and very weird. Could just be a ghost.
  • Could be you have a misfiring alien implant. All that sleep paralysis was actually alien abductions. Go figure.
  • You are the only one who can actually see particles of matter!
  • An alternate reality is slowly merging with ours and you can see the initial contact via energy fluctuations.
  • The pain is slowly driving us to just plain hallucinate. But then that is what an aura is anyway. So be it then.
  • Reality is Actually an illusion and sometimes we see glitches in the matrix. Time to choose the red pill or the blue pill.
  • Our mutant powers are slowly manifesting but the process takes time, pain, and hallucinations as our brain mutates. In the end, we will have telepathy! Or some other mental mutant power. I hope my mutant power is the ability to remember people’s names. That would be really useful.

migraine aura sense lies

I’m not going to lie, some migraine auras are freaky. That whole auditory aura? Makes me hunt for a noise that is just in my head. Same with olfactory auras. A couple of days ago it was that foul sewer smell. Just foul! At least I stopped looking for that one. No one else smells this rancid goat butt smell. So it has to be my brain. But visual auras can be a level of weirdness too.

Migraine aura the Beatles

If this song wasn’t written about migraine auras, and it’s not, then it should be. Because I see diamond of all colors. Actually, I have Visual Snow so I see static all the time too.

And here is my poem on auras

Poetry migraine aura

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2 thoughts on “Yeah, it could be a migraine aura

    1. Yeah, mine can get bizarre as well. I have persistent migraine auras so the visual stuff is pretty much there most of the time. But that one was odd in that it wasn’t obscuring or pulsing or taking up a large part of my vision.


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