It isn’t often I talk about products I adore but I found this Matcha coconut latte from Two Hills Tea. And it is to die for. I love it so much I ran out. Kept having two mugs a night. I wish I knew this Matcha stuff was so divine. I’d have had it years ago. I haven’t tried the tea, just the latte. With the latte, you just need heated milk to make it.

Matcha Benefits

What are the Matcha benefits though?

Well, I looked it up. And there are quite a few Matcha benefits that caught my eye.

It is high in antioxidants

A bowl of it can have up to 5 times more antioxidants than other foods. Specifically, it is also full of Catechin, one called EGCg. The tea contains 100 times more than any other tea out there. And it is well known for its cancer-fighting properties.

Makes you chill, but focused

It has L-Theanine which is known to promote calmness without drowsiness. It helps with stress as a result. It actually has been used to help with anxiety. Check out more on L-Theanine here. So due to this we also get a boost to concentration and focus.

Boosts energy levels

Ah, maybe I shouldn’t take it at night then. Huh. And in addition to an energy boost, it also jumps the metabolism to burn more of those calories.

Matcha contains:

Potassium, Vit A and C, Iron, Protein and calcium. I do need a calcium boost really so that is cool.

And matcha is straight up delicious.

I didn’t really care if Matcha had benefits because it tastes so damn wonderful. I am officially addicted.


I have no idea if Matcha tea tastes anything like this majestic Matcha coconut latte, but I might check that out next. It is sold by the tea shop I use. I wonder if this means I would also like green tea then? I don’t know. Another to try I guess. Tea is one of my self-care things. Just have a nice cup of warm, but awesome tea. I always have an assortment.

So where do you get it?

I have no idea where people typically buy this. My mom found it in a health food store to get me some as a birthday gift. It isn’t the coconut latte, but it comes with recipes online. I just make it into one. I put a little into milk, stir it up with a whisk, add in the remainder of the milk and matcha. As much matcha to your tastes. I add in a pinch of sugar. And either have cold or I heat it up. And viola.

And I found there were a lot online at Amazon. Some of which were decently priced.

This is their most popular one: Jade green leaf matcha powder.
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