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Review of Benepod for chronic pain treatment

The Benepod is a really neat little device for pain management.

Just a wee thing, but effective. It is both a Hot and Cold treatment applied simultaneously. I like to say it jangles the pain receptors up and halts the pain. But really it is a therapy called thermal grill illusion. And what happens is that your nerve receptors can’t quite get a handle on both a hot and cold stimulus, which then creates an alternate sensation to diminish or even get rid of the pain in that location for a time.

It is used for:

  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Arthritis of the hands
  • Headaches
  • And the musculoskeletal related pain

My experience with the Benepod

I personally am using it for knee pain due to fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndrome and hand pain (Possible arthritis pain). It worked exceptionally well on the hands. I ache so much in them and in the morning, well, it is hard and extremely painful to make a fist. But if I use my hands for anything it will get a deep ache in there. This actually stops the pain for a duration. A welcome relief for sure. On knee pain it was more a dulling of the pain there, but better than it usually is. And I like to use it for that area, and others, at night to help me sleep. I was also using it for tension headaches on my temples and jaw. I have TMJ and that causes headaches when I don’t have a migraine. It was very soothing in that area for the muscles. Likewise for my migraine related neck pain.

It runs on a 20-minute cycle. But if you need more, for another location, then you just unplug and plug back in for another go. And when it starts you just move it around slowly on that area.


  • Non-invasive
  • Drug-free
  • found on Amazon
  • Small and light. So this is something you can bring with you to places with ease.
  • Shuts off automatically after its 20-min cycle.
  • Relieves or dims pain for a duration
  • Great for in conjunction with your usual pain management strategies


  • It does need to be plugged in to use. So not as portable as some pain devices. But compatible with portable USB charging devices.
  • It is what I call an active device, rather than passive. Some devices are passive; you don’t feel them and you just leave it there to do its thing. This is active in the sense that you can feel it working (that is a good thing really) but you have to actively move it around. You can’t just leave it be as it wouldn’t really be effective that way.

It utilizes a USB port to operate, so it is compatible with most USB devices. Like a power pack for your cell. And comes with a converter to plug directly into an outlet. I liked to use it at my computer desk. Just a convenient spot for me and it just plugs into the computer.

The Benepod isn’t a cure or for long-term treatment, but it does dim or relieve pain in that area for a spell. It has been a real relief for my hands, for sure. It works really well for my pain there. And because I can’t take NSAIDs, I have limited options to treat that at all. And also on this nasty aching pain, I have been getting in my ankles. Worked exceptionally well in that location too. For other areas, it definitely decreased the pain, but not eliminated it.  It is a good solid product to help with overall pain management. I will continue to use it with my other pain management strategies.

You can find it to purchase on Amazon for 199.95

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6 thoughts on “Review: Benepod

  1. This sounds quite good though plugging it is does make it less convenient (the USB charging is handy to have). The benefit to your hands sounds really positive, and actually think my mother would benefit a lot from using it on her hands, and me everywhere else! Shame I can’t find this on any UK websites, but maybe one day it’ll make it across the sea 🙂
    Very interesting product, it’s great to see how pain management and relief that’s non-invasive is being developed and improved.
    Caz x

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  2. Sounds interesting. I’ve been using my Oska Pulse for my knee pain. It is definitely helping. If I hadn’t climbed up and down off of a stool for several hours painting trim, I wouldn’t have needed it. Silly me.

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    1. I use the Oska Pulse mostly for FM pain. This was something to try for quicker immediate relief in those problem areas. I haven’t tried the Oska for my hand pain yet… sort of have so many places to put it that I end up using it all day! lmao


  3. Very interest Product. While searching on Internet i found this post. I would like to share this post others.Keep on Posting.

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