Buy me a coffee feature

I added a button to my posts and in the upper corner of my blog for a site called Ko-fi for people to support artists and writers.

It is this feature here:

Buy Me a Coffee at

I added it because I am really struggling with everything since my insurance company has not approved my leave since November.

But this is for:

  • If you like my posts
  • Like the work I am doing
  • Like the images I post on my Facebook Page
  • Are a fan of my work. Even my fiction work.

And if you do think I am awesome then this is a way to show appreciation by clicking on it. $3 dollars is their minimum.

But you can still think I am awesome and not do that.

It isn’t mandatory. Like Buy me a coffee or else! Nothing like that. No obligation. No hassling people. Just a button on the blog and on the post. That is all.

It is just an option to show that you do like my work.

So if you see the button, that is what it is all about.

What it basically is, is that outside of work, my main skill is writing and blogging. And as a skill it is great. I love it. I am passionate about it. Helps me as a pain distraction and to get awareness out. And to make me think through some problems with coping I am having. But I don’t make money at it. And I sure would like to find a way to do that to help support myself. And I saw a lot of people used this so their readers could offer some support to help them keep doing what they do. I thought it was a great idea. A sort of way for people to help you to continue doing what you love.

I thought I should explain why you are seeing that.

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