Let’s talk chronic migraine

Yesterday's topic for Migraine Awareness was: With Chronic Migraine, the odds are greater than 50 percent that Migraine will ruin our day. Do you, or someone you care about, have Chronic Migraine? Tell us how you keep going, against the odds. Which I wanted to post about, but unfortunately my internet was down most of … Continue reading Let’s talk chronic migraine

ELLE magazine and migraine

I'm way too sick today to find out ELLE magazine posted an article referring to the "Migraine pose" and only after everyone in the community slammed them for it did they change it to 'headache pose'. But lo' and behold Cosmopolitan have a similar article. With people taking pictures in this so-called pose, looking picture … Continue reading ELLE magazine and migraine

Survival mode and migraine: When hell endures

There are times when living with Migraine, Cluster, or other headache disorders feels like hell. Everything goes wrong and it feels like our misery will last forever. How might we encourage each other to keep going when all hope seems lost? Migraine Awareness blog challenge day 25 There is a saying "When you're going through … Continue reading Survival mode and migraine: When hell endures