Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to just exist

 Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to exist

I am having a really hard time lately. My head is constantly swimming and my balance is screwy. And, unfortunately, the vertigo is affecting my vision. I have blurry, doubled, hazy vision where everything is ‘moving’ even when it is not and extreme problems with tracking motion, perceived motion, and head movements. So I can’t read a book. I have been trying but it is slow, difficult, and I am too spacy to actually grasp the content. I can’t do my fiction writing because I can’t concentrate and reading what I wrote is impossible. Watching TV has too much motion and makes me feel worse. And being online is increasingly becoming a real problem… I have difficultly reading things, understanding them, and scrolling makes me dizzier.

Vestibular migraine symptoms

  • Vestibular symptoms may include:
    • Vertigo (dizziness), usually lasting minutes to hours, but sometimes days
    • Unsteadiness and loss of balance
    • Sensitivity to motion

Although subjective hearing symptoms (ringing, fullness, pressure in one or both ears) are common, significant hearing loss should raise suspicion for an inner ear disorder such as Méniére’s disease.

With a vestibular migraine, the person may experience a combination of vestibular attacks, visual aura, or sensitivity to visual stimulation and motion at different times, and they can occur with or without an actual headache. John Hopkins

So basically any pain distraction I do utilize is becoming difficult to manage. As is every single thing I try to do.

Existence has become a real effort. Just anything at all and I get worse. The only good thing so far is that the relentless nausea from all this motion intolerance is controlled now. As my doctor decided to try a motion sickness patch and then still use the anti-nausea med when needed. And finally, I have stopped getting violently ill as the day goes on and just have a moderate level of nausea.

I had really thought this bout of vertigo would have gone back down to sporadic and mild by now, as it tends to do with months of not being in regular motion from driving to work. But instead, it improved modestly once I wasn’t driving over a span of about 6 months, so I do not typically need a cane and I can stand up for longer durations. And then it is just stuck now in this sucky zone of poor functionality.

It is so difficult to just write, let alone see right. Writing blog posts is about the only thing saving me from going insane by all the things I can’t do. But it requires substantial effort to do. The constant ‘swimming’ sensation in my head makes me so spacey. Then the vertigo hits worse and I have to rest again. It is just so constant.

Work and short-term are giving me a lot of stress. And I wish so hard I could force myself to function and return to work to just stop all that and give me some financial stability. But I am so sick. Just to exist I have to oversleep and then take a long nap in the middle of the day… to just be as sick as I am. And at least sleep provides me some relief.

I really question whether this is vestibular migraine.

I mean I have had these symptoms for some time. And I have had long severe bouts. And my insurance company bumped me off long-term anyway. But this is far more enduring that the longest bout I have ever had. And severer. I have to make an eye doc appointment because these eye issues are really giving me problems. I get vertigo does that, but what if it IS my eyes doing it, right? I have no clue.

All I know is I can’t manage much at all in the way of productivity. And everything I do makes it worse. And work would prefer I was functional and seem to be trying to find a way to get rid of me. And all of that is putting a strain on my depression management. I’m at a loss what to do about any of it.

It shouldn’t be so much effort to just Be. Where just Being makes you sicker. And nothing makes you feel a little better and everything makes you feel worse.

Half-life of chronic illness


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8 thoughts on “Vertigo: takes a lot of effort to just exist

  1. I really didn’t want to “like” this post because I could sense the true awfulness you are experiencing. The frustration of living with symptoms we have so little control over is so darn hard……….and I am sorry you are having such a tough time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Nikki ,
    You must be so so frustrated! The symptoms you have must be so uncomfortable and painful!
    Do you think you should get another opinion? I say go to the eye doctor. They may be able to help.
    I have Fibro and Osteo arthritis. The Fatigue is brutal. So is the deep, throbbing, achy pain every day. I too use to work so hard all my life as a CNA, MED.ASST., mostly. I miss being so energetic. I know I can not work anymore. My doctor took me off work 2 years ago upon being dx with Fibro. I have been waiting to go to court for disability going on 2 years. I’ve had to swallow my pride and learn to accept help from my family and a very good friend who has stuck bye paying for my car insurance., Dog grooming, car repair and so on. I don’t see any way possible for other disabled people to even consider filing if they have no one
    I truly hope the illnesses you have go away completely would be a miracle. At least tolerable. Please keep in touch as much as your able and Thank you for your blogging. I really enjoy reading your blogs.
    God Bless, Judy

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    1. I was thinking of an eye doc but it wouldn’t be covered for work, so it would have to be out of pocket. And my pockets are very empty at the moment.


  3. I’m so sorry to hear this, Nikki 😞 I really am grateful not to have regular vertigo (usually linked to my epilepsy). They’re super awful, and I can only imagine how it affects your quality of life so poorly 😞 I really hope your migraines and symptoms give you a good, long break real soon. Sending good thoughts x

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