Migraine Awareness Day 23

Watch the video of Josh Groban and Brian McKnight singing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” then tell us about a time you were going through “troubled waters” with Migraine, Cluster, or other headache disorder and someone helped you get through the storm.

Troubled waters

People have helped me out in the past. A lot. And in serious ways.

But my troubled waters are now. Fighting for disability from work, is endless. And I have had no income for 7 months. My mom has helped me immensely and too much, after I drained our savings. And still when I get approved our massive debt from me being on these unpaid leaves is so out of control I won’t be able to pay it on even less than I was making.

It is making me depressed, frustrated, and stressed as I frantically think about it to find viable solutions. And the ones I come up with? I don’t even know if those have a hope in hell of working.

I feel like I am drowning

I want to make money to help financially but I can’t get out of this vertigo bout which makes me confused and spacy. I have to rest 90% of the day to pretend to function the remaining 10%. But that is hard, just being upright right now is already making me dizzy and those damn falling sensations. So won’t be long before it goes nutbars. I have to wait out the vertigo bout… and it is killing us financially.


Without my mom’s helps I’d be in dire straights.

She is saving me from the despair that usually comes at these times. And the frustration with insurance companies I have to fight with now, when I am so unwell. She drives me to my doctor to get the endless paper work filled out. And she pays the doctor office fee for that paperwork. She takes me out for coffee to get me out of the house for a bit. And she is paying my bills, because I have no money from insurance yet.

My mom is the only reason I am surviving right now. Because I am having some serious problems coming up with viable solutions.

*end whine*

Sorry that ended up being very, very poor me, didn’t it? Not like a lot of us don’t go through very similar situations. Not that it makes it any easier, but it does mean any support we get while we are struggling means a whole lot. I really don’t like to complain so grant me this one poor me post. 😉


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