I’m way too sick today to find out ELLE magazine posted an article referring to the “Migraine pose” and only after everyone in the community slammed them for it did they change it to ‘headache pose’. But lo’ and behold Cosmopolitan have a similar article. With people taking pictures in this so-called pose, looking picture perfect. Also a perfect example of what Not to do.

I’ve never read either before, so no idea what sort of quality content they have.

Their Twitter handles are @ELLEmagazine and @Cosmoaustralia if you would like to tweet them your Actual Migraine Pose.

I didn’t because just very ill with the vertigo issues. Hard for me to be on the computer.

Here are some migraine poses I am familiar with:

  1. Head in the toilet vomiting profusely until there is nothing in you
  2. Curled on the couch with the blanket over your head because it is Too Bright
  3. An ice pack on the neck and another on the forehead to hopefully dull the pain
  4. A picture of all our medications we have to take
  5. Get shot up with 41 needles for botox


Here was my Tweet to them:

I’m way too sick right now for this madness. Two decades of daily to have people mock it is extremely offensive. I’ve been so ill lately I can’t do much of anything, worrying about finances, trying to manage the depression. You don’t get it

I sent that because there are a massive cost and impact with migraine. The loss of income, the financial inability, lost friends, isolation, higher risk of anxiety, depression, stroke, and heart attack.
Migraine pose

And my suffering over two decades, most of it chronic and then daily for a decade, should not be mocked by some pose to make someone look better in their selfie. Although the intent is not to mock, it is not right to flippantly use ‘migraine’ to refer to things that have nothing to do with them. It hinders people trying to raise actual awareness about the impact of migraine.

But this is migraine awareness here. All of us responding to it.

We are a community. We are not alone. We come together when we need to. And we should all come together for June Awareness. And this, well, This article is Why we need that awareness. Why we need to band together and push for solid awareness. And I hope that we all do so we can spread a solid awareness.

Remember to wear your Purple.


And try to support migraine awareness. I have been sick so my awareness campaign has been far lesser than normal, but I make these posts, even if that is all I can do.


Migraine awareness posts:

Why Migraine Awareness


Let’s talk migraine impact
Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

4 thoughts on “ELLE magazine and migraine

  1. People have also been trivialising M.E./cfs/Fibromyalgia/etc, for decades.
    Compassion seems so uncomfortable for many to feel, they opt for the easier course of rejection and denial.
    It suits the establishment as well: because it can be used to cut medical budgets.

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  2. I have a vivid memory of my brother asking me why don’t you just taj]ke some ibuprofen and get over it. The rest of us don’t go to the emergency room for a headache. Hello? This isn’t just a headache. People who have never suffered a migraine just don’t get it. My fav pose is also the ice pack on the back of the neck and the ice pack on my forehead!

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