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I can’t believe it is already July and I still haven’t been working since last November. Time seems to pass infinitely slow when I am not working and then it just accumulates in some sort of hazy way to months and months.

Here are July’s prompts from A Chronic Voice.


I have been thinking a lot about the perception of pain and how it distorts life. And I have been adding some periods of time to read and write. Because they are very important to my wellbeing and self-worth. Even though I must take a lot of downtime in a day, while resting, I can still add these in a little. Before symptoms progress later in the afternoon. Days where I have to rest all day, just make me feel mentally and emotionally unwell. I have to add in there things that bring me contentment.


I was spreading migraine awareness for the month of June. And I found I could do so very little for it, since anything I do now takes considerable effort. And I could see how much others were doing and it made me a little sad at the lack of functionality I have. But we should never compare to others. We should only compare to ourselves. Is today better than yesterday? Then that is a good day if it is. If it isn’t… what do I need to do to take care of myself? And in this time of poor health, I have to focus on my well-being. However, I did spread awareness through posts and that was important to me.


We all deserve a bit of a rant now again, and I have recently been ranting. About debt incurred from illness. About financial instability. About my insurance company turning me down for short-term, and now having to appeal it. I get so angry I am in this situation. And it is so complicated it will take a lot of effort to resolve. And even then, I don’t know how I will survive. But anger takes effort, and while we earn a rant or two the anger isn’t sustainable and it tires us emotionally. But the one thing it does do? Is motivates us with plans of action. For that, I am thankful for a little ranting.


I feel like pain has taken too much from me. So now I am trying to protect what my spouse and I have. I am trying to protect my self-esteem and self-worth as well. I am trying to protect our lives and our wellbeing, even though I know so much will change.


I am very much right now in a frame of mind of divide and conquer. I have multiple things I have tried and will try to make my life somehow financially feasible. I have been attacking one problem at a time. Yet, nothing ever gets anywhere. And it is scary. But I knock down each task in a sort of determination… because I want to protect.

You know I wish I could focus these prompts on the rest of my life and what is going on… but what is going on is hermit mode and just trying to survive day by day.

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10 thoughts on “A Chronic voice: Link-up topics for July

  1. I think I could do with a good rant. It’s good for the soul. And I think you’re total right in that we shouldn’t compare to others, only to ourselves. Easier said than done, but very important nonetheless. I’m so sorry about your insurer and the financial worries (I can understand money worries, which is part of what’s hugely weighing on my mind too, along with future money, job, career etc.. gets very heavy to keep carrying out these sorts of pressures). Sending love your way and keeping my fingers crossed you get some good news soon and better days ahead..xx

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    1. The financial issues right now are really weighing on me. I wish I could resolve them by having a decent income. But when you are too sick to work, it seems impossible it will ever get there.

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  2. Hi Nikki, thanks for participating in the linkup again this month, it’s always good to hear about how your life and how you’re coping. It does sound like a rough couple weeks of late for you where more self-care and kindness is needed because I can definitely tell you’ve been trying your utmos best. I hope things look up a little soon. Just like the fog that ascends slowly, may it also lift. Sending good thoughts your way!

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  3. Hi, Nikki – nice to “meet” you via the July Linkup! I appreciate your transparency here. As I touched on in my own post for the linkup, dealing with chronic illness and mental health issues can messy. And you’re so right…it seems like good health and good finances are mutually exclusive!

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    1. Yeah my finances are a nightmare now. And was a banker. I know what to do financially. But the income I earn is sporadic and also on the decline. Made for a lot of debt in times when I had no income at all. But have to slowly fix it somehow so I can sustain myself.

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  4. Hey Nikki. I’m really sorry to hear about your financial worries and I hope things get easier for you. I’ve been following you since I’ve started blogging this year and find your honesty and openness pretty amazing, especially during times when you’re unwell. Love your determination to overcome obstacles by dividing and conquering. Sending you the very best of wishes!

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  5. You raise a good point when you say anger takes effort; I hadn’t really thought about ‘ranting’ in this respect. It’s important to focus our energy on the right things isn’t it. And although having a rant is sometimes needs, we must be careful that we don’t use up our limited energy on the wrong things. Good post.

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