I have no idea how many people use Amazon Prime. But I have it at the moment, so I thought I would check out their Prime Day. And… so I literally just bought a refurbished computer for $160 Canadian dollars (This was Amazon.ca). Which I wouldn’t have but a) 160 dollars is low and b) my computer is dying fast. Freezes all the time and I have to hard reboot. Comes up with this weird error screen and kicks me out. And some things have just stopped even working, like the automatic sleep. So it won’t go to sleep unless I remember to put it in that mode, and it will definitely be frozen by the time I get back to use it if I don’t. But some of the errors are getting weird. Like a DOS screen popping in and out. I don’t know, it is falling apart.

So this Amazon Prime day intrigued me enough to check out what they had. They have a crapton of deals. And that computer was too cheap to pass up. But other than that, I am broker than broke so it was window shopping really. Still, I was surprised at the diversity.

Anyway, it got me thinking of some of the promotions they are having and I thought I would share some. Mostly in things that we do when we are coping with pain and illness.  Reading, audiobooks, and listening to music. (They do also have the video game, Twitch, and their video service promotions for Prime, but I didn’t list them. Although, yes, video gaming is a stress reliever and a hobby to many. And the streaming videos is something we do when in too much pain- I use Netflix for that) Things that we do for self-care that help us emotionally and mentally cope with illness. I didn’t see any products that I like and recommend health wise on sale through Prime though. Otherwise, this would be a list of my favorite things Prime style. But I did find services for things we often do when coping that might be worth checking out.

Prime Day – Prime Membership

Try for 3 months

I accidentally got Amazon Prime until August. I do not know how, but I can only assume it was a sleeping pill purchase. Still, I use their file and picture storage. I have been listening to music, mostly 90’s Alternative’s feed. And I had free shipping which came in handy at Christmas (I prefer buying online due to the fatigue and pain of actual shopping). And there is a show I want to watch on their videos, that I haven’t got around to (American Gods, which is an awesome book). It does offer a lot given the price. I do quite like the services. And I use them a lot, so I feel that more than makes up for the cost. This does give an opportunity to give it a go to see if it is something worth the money for you.

They also have this one going:

Save 40% on one year plan


Prime Day – Kindle Unlimited

Three months unlimted for 99 cents

Now while video games are not my hobby or stress relief, reading definitely is. And, hey, you could check out my books if you get this offer! This one is very tempting for me. Three free months of books for 99 cents? Why not? I usually use mail-lists to buy free books, but this is a deal. I have stacks of books on my pending to read list (My mom got loads and loads from a family member and gave the ones that do not appeal to her, but do me, to me), but this is practically free! All right, yeah, this one I gotta do. It is just too expensive to buy books for me right now so free or near free is the way for me to go, or the library.

Prime Day – Amazon Music Unlimited

4 months of 99 cents

I have never tried a music streaming service until I tried this one. Not going to lie, I rather like it but I have no idea how it compares to others. Not that my actual playlist isn’t massive, but it is nice to listen to so much more in the music you like. I like the Alternative new and old playlists and a few 80’s and 70’s ones. I use music a lot to relax while I am writing or during meditation.

Prime Day – Audible

Save 66% on three months

I can’t afford this right now, but it is a good deal to recommend. I have been looking into audio books as an option since I have such troubles reading now due to the vertigo (Although I discovered first thing in the morning I can). And a lot of my migraine friends do use audiobooks because, well, migraines. It is definitely an alternative when you can’t read. I hear this service is a good one. And when I was looking for audiobooks to try I did look at what they offer- there were a lot of books that appealed to me. Personally, I might try the library and see if they have them there to try out.

So those are the ones I wanted to mention. I actually wouldn’t have Prime except for accidentally getting it. It has been great, but money, eh? So I have it till August to take advantage of anyway. If I had a normal income, yeah, I would renew, but it would have to be an actual surplus income (so more than what it costs to live). I do think it is worth the money, I just lack actual money. So it really depends on our budget. I get it is great, but when you have a limited budget it isn’t top of the list. Still, I do a lot of free trial stuff. Use it and cancel it after the trial is over, because Free. I have access to things I otherwise would not. I have never had Kindle unlimited before so that one I’ll do for three months.

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