I think by far my favourite form of Fibromyalgia self-care is the Epsom salt bath on a bad pain day. This is because it is relaxing and the Epsom salts relax our stiff and sore muscles. I always take baths, I find them soothing. And I always put Epsom salts in there.

Epsom Salt Baths for chronic pain and fibromyalgia

I will use a pleasantly scented bath salt. Maybe even add in some mildly scented bubbles. Then I have some natural products I use due to sensitive skin. I prefer homemade soap (Or sensitive skin Dove) and peppermint/rosemary shampoo. I play some tunes. And I bliss out.

Fact is, baths are an excellent form of relaxation:

The Epsom salts just potentially enhance the relief of muscle aches and pains. I tend to have a soak after exercise.

You can, of course, make your own bath salts with pretty much any essential oil you want. Lavender is a good one if you also have a headache. (here is one recipe). You can also have a bath with just Epsom salts by themselves, no scent needed at all.


My favourite of all time is Dr. Teal’s Ecalytus and Spearmint.

Here are some benefits to Epsom Salts:

  • We already know it is good for muscle pain, aches, and bruises, by reducing inflammation. And it is great right after exercise. I actually really recommend it after exercising for fibromyalgia
  • Apparently, it is also a hair volumizer, which I really do not need, but good to know.
  • The magnesium is said to help with relaxation, although the bath itself helps with that. I actually like it just to get some magnesium although I do also take a supplement and use magnesium oil.
  • Also due to the magnesium, it can help with a migraine headache. Although I tend to use the magnesium oil for that.
  • Can help with itchy skin and bug bites
  • Due to the magnesium, it can help with constipation. Now, some magnesium supplements… Really help with that and I cannot take them. I do not find Epsom salts regularly bothers my digestive system.
  • It can provide some relief to a sunburn
  • People also use it as an exfoliant for their skin. And it also makes a great foot bath.


I actually take a lot of baths because taking a shower aggravates my vertigo for some bizzaro reason. And I always use Epsom salts. With fibromyalgia and migraine, the magnesium does me good. But it does help with the deep aches of fibromyalgia and eases the pain I always flare up with after exercise. It is great for relaxation. But, that being said, I also recommend a magnesium supplement or magnesium oil.


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2 thoughts on “Epsom salt baths

  1. I bought some Epsom salts a while ago to try one of these baths myself as I’ve read before of the potential benefits, so thanks for the reminder! Really must make give this a go soon =]
    Caz x

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