Journal Exercise: The good and the bad

This is an exercise to reduce stress, improve mood, and develop acceptance with chronic illness. It is an experiment I am trying. It is something I have come up to do for a month and see if it has an effect on how I perceive my life with illness. It is fundamentally easy. You will … Continue reading Journal Exercise: The good and the bad

Just too much rest

  I do think rest is vital Napping when we need to Resting when we need to Pacing activities during the day All necessary. With vestibular issues I have been resting a lot. The majority of the day. If I do anything at all, I need more rest. Massive fatigue comes with vestibular problems. Standing … Continue reading Just too much rest

Creativity and chronic illness

I'll start with the poem I wrote above. I wrote it about chronic pain. And I often write poetry about my experience or existence with chronic pain and illness. It gets out a lot of the emotions and frustrations. Pain, invisible illness, suffering, mental illness... these things have all inspired art. Because art is a … Continue reading Creativity and chronic illness