This is about some things that I dig so far this year. I am constantly exploring new things and reading so I come across things I Really dig. These are things I have checked out this year (except the meditation app which I just got Back into).

Things I did this year

Battle Balm

I love Battle Balm, especially this demon strength. It is the best pain rub I have used. I also use it as a migraine balm. But, man, does it also work on my deep fibromyalgia pains. I totally dig this stuff. I ran out of my demon strength and will be getting more. I need it something fierce.


Now, this Benepod device has been the best thing for my gnawing, sharp hand pain. And ankle pain. You can use it anywhere and is great for arthritis, but I tend to use it mostly on those two areas. Basically, it is hold and cold treatment simultaneously to treat pain, as there is this benefit when the signals have a hard time adjusting to the heat cold mix and pain is dulled as a result. “By applying both hot and cold at the same time to a particular point on your body, the Benepod engages your bodies natural ability to block pain by introducing a sensation known as the thermal grill illusion. This sensation occurs when your bodies nerve receptors can’t distinguish between the hot and cold stimuli, triggering an intense sensation which has been proven to effectively mask or even completely eliminate pain for a period of time. ”


This is the meditation app I have been extremely into right now. Guided meditation is what works for me. It gives me a way to sink into it rather than think through it. It has sections to pick out of. Can’t sleep. Stressed. Short work break ones. I value meditation and it has been the one I have been into using at the moment. I believe it was free when I got it, but I have no idea now because, well, I have it so it isn’t listing the price for me.


Before I get into the books I loved so far this year I would like to recommend BookBub the book discount site. I have a limited budget and free books or 99 cent deals are pretty awesome. It has some great books based on your interests. Basically, books are promoted once they drop in price and the price has to be low to qualify for BookBub.

The Pain Companion

The Pain Companion is a reflective look at pain awareness and acceptance by Sarah Anne Shockley. It is worthwhile to engage with our pain, mentally, physically, and emotionally to determine how best to relate to it and have acceptance through it. And what could we learn if we did? The Pain Companion may give you insights into this process. It has some great reflective exercises to do.

How to be Sick

How to be Sick is an excellent book on coping for everyone with illness by Toni Bernhard. It taught me a great deal about self-compassion which I have severely lacked. She is an excellent writer. I plan on reading it again (dizziness doesn’t help with retention) and then writing a review on here. But I really dug this one.

I am also currently reading How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness by Toni as well.

Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift, by Michael F. Haspil, is the best fantasy fiction book I have read this year. I dig urban fantasy. This one has a detective team composed of one ancient vampire and one ancient, cursed Egyptian mummy. Too me a while to read it due to all the reading issues I have been having, but worth the venture.

A Brain on Fire

I have not read the book, but I watched the Netflix movie. And I was so compelled to get to the ending. It was fascinating to me. Maybe because I have neurological issues with migraine, but her story with something extremely dangerous and difficult to diagnose was so scary. I now want to read the book as well… because the book is always better. Anyway, it was recommended to me and I checked it out on Netflix during my severe symptom time of day where only lying down abates the symptoms somewhat.


I just realized I put a lot of books on this list. Story of my life. I am an avid reader although now limited in that capacity… so a slow reader now that can only read during peak morning hours. I have also been into colouring and playing video games. Things I can do that don’t require too much, since I am dizzy all the time lately. And I need things to do that help me cope with the amount of rest I need and inactivity. Also, I am thinking of taking a course via Coursera to literally see if I am capable of focusing and retaining information at the point. It was recommended to me to help with the boredom of being laid up for so long. I honestly do not know if I am capable of it yet, but I was thinking of trying something easy to find out.


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