I do think rest is vital

  • Napping when we need to
  • Resting when we need to
  • Pacing activities during the day

All necessary.

Chronic illness: Just too much rest

With vestibular issues I have been resting a lot. The majority of the day. If I do anything at all, I need more rest.

  • Massive fatigue comes with vestibular problems. Standing and sitting is effort that rapidly exhausts you.
  • The dizziness and vertigo itself worsens with the day and activities which means more rest to recover. Rest to even be able to do anything. And then rest as a result of doing anything.

And this is becoming a problem with my fibromyalgia because:

  • Literally with FM doing anything for any extended time is going to cause you pain. Stand too long. Sit too long. Lay down too long. And I am laying down way, way too much.
  • And also I can’t exercise. Now, exercise is painful and difficult but just a little bit of it helps with the FM on a daily basis.

So I am in a lot of fibromyalgia pain as a result.

I actually do not have a real resolution to this problem. It is just that hard to function with vestibular symptoms. I was thinking of doing some laying down physio exercises but I have no idea if I have any energy for anything other than existing at the moment.

But I hurt a lot. Knees, back, shoulders, feet, and knees are just so aggravated by the lack of activity. Pacing is something that we do because we want to moderate activity with rest. So this is more rest with a topping of rest and then a side of rest. Not just on bad days. Every day. And then just hellish on bad days which require only rest.

I seriously have no idea how much more of this resting business I can take. But the vestibular symptoms, well, when they get worse I am just miserable and non-functional. And I have never been this fatigued in my life. Like the effort to just get up and stand without leaning against something just sucks the life out of me.

I do feel like I have been getting a bit better. With all the rest. And with the medication. It is bad, but I have had worse recently. The fatigue though with even slightly repressed vertigo is still constant. And the dizziness just never stops.

I have to find a way to just really do some things slowly. Because just a little activity goes a long way with fibromyagia.

It is something that is familiar to the group I belong to that also have both conditions. And the need for rest is familiar to all the members of this vestibular disorder group. How to mitigate the pain from the fibromyalgia when you need so much rest is not something anyone has any answers to. However, one person recommended some chair yoga. So you are not standing, so the fatigue and balance issues are not a problem, but you get some movement in there. And that sounds feasible.

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4 thoughts on “Just too much rest

  1. I know a few exercises you can do while lying down or sitting. Simple things like marching on the spot, lifting your arms up in the air etc. I do know exactly what it’s like though to move too much and feel super dizzy and nauseous.

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