Chronic voice link up September

Time for Chronic Voice’s link up party for September.

I have chosen the prompts:

  • Reconnecting
  • Sharing
  • Relaxing


A friend of mine has moved back into the city I live in. She wasn’t far before but with drive time and other factors we didn’t see her as much. So we made a deal for more game nights and to go out for Karaoke. She said it would help me feel less isolated. And she loves Karaoke. I just go for moral support really. But, yeah, getting me out of the house is a good idea. Isolation is never a good thing.


I found a new way to share with people some informative posts condensed into videos with a new program. This is the first one. I am hoping the different format will encourage more sharing of information. I think this first one went pretty good. It is based off of Pain Awareness: Pain consequences post. I plan to pick more of the informative posts for this format.


I am in the attempt of quitting smoking again. This time by decreasing slowly and breaking habits while I do. I am now at 11 smokes a day. And this requires a lot of delaying and distraction. But also to force myself to relax. I did this trick I had picked up for when you are stressed. You lick your lips and slowly suck in and then slowly release a breath. And I am also planning and checking out some chair yoga I can do with the vertigo. And making sure I keep up with my meditation. All of which will help me reduce and quit.



So I have a confession to make. With depression, when you are deep into it, you have problems with energy, with motivation, and with doing simple day to day tasks. Everything seems just overwhelming. And what often happens is we neglect certain hygiene. We may not shower as much. We may not brush our teeth as much. And that was me in there. But now that the depression is treated I have officially started to establish some hygiene routines again. And it makes me feel satisfied. I brush my teeth twice a day. And when I do I clean my face and add on a moisturizing lotion. In the morning and before bed. And I certainly have been enjoying my Epsom salt baths. Which I like to pamper myself in when I can afford to. Like homemade soaps and my Peppermint Sage shampoo and then the same lotion for when I am out of the tub. All of this is making me feel very refreshed. I am proud of myself for establishing this again.

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11 thoughts on “A Chronic Voice prompts: Reconnecting, sharing, and relaxing

  1. It was really interesting to read about the effects of depression on hygiene and how you are managing to establish routines again. I love epsom salts too I find them so relaxing. Pampering ourselves every now and then is definitely good for us. I also really like the video format. It seems like a good way to provide information. It will be interesting to see them when you share them. Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also went to the dentist for the first time in 3 years. I think I am getting back to my normal maintenance. And that feels good. But also pampering is great for just some self-care


  2. So true about depression and hygiene/every day tasks. Sometimes I feel so proud of myself just for doing things like putting on lotion, brushing my teeth before bed (before bed is always toughest for me, I’m so exhausted by then!). It’s awesome that you’re able to establish your routine now – you should be proud of yourself! And also, awesome job on the efforts to quit smoking!

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    1. I used to try and brush my teeth before bed as well. And then I’d just not because I was so drained. It was really hard to do those basic things. But yeah I am proud I have established these routines again. It makes me feel good.

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      1. Same here on the brushing the teeth before bed. I feel like this is the type of thing that’s so tough to explain to people without chronic illness: that one can be too tired to brush their teeth. And I know what you mean – establishing these types of routines make me feel good too!

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  3. That video thing looks interesting. I know I should give it a shot too, but for some reason Iā€™m just averse to it! And I had no idea you were trying to kick the smoking habit, that sounds tough, especially if it helps the migraines at all? Anyway it was nice to have you with us in the linkup again, always love getting glimpses into all our different, but same, lives šŸ™‚


    1. I think the videos would be good for Facebook which has taken a hit from the new changes. So thought I’d give it a go. Yeah quitting smoking is difficult with chronic pain. It is a way to cope with the stress and pain you can’t stop. A negative coping strategy but one I have had for a long time.


  4. So glad for you that you are having the mental, emotional, and physical energy again for good hygiene. Wish I was there with you….
    (sitting in 2-day old pajamas with unbrushed teeth, wishing I could get up and get something to eat, but nothing sounds palatable, so I continue to sit here….)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is difficult. I have established the routine but energy and dizziness makes it so that not every day is a good day. But I just keep working at it. I hope you can slowly work up to it as well.


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