Chronic illness It's okay to not be okay

Okay, so it is okay to not be okay

Shout it out! We have a lot of emotions that creep in from chronic illness and chronic pain. Frustration, anger, sadness, irritation and anxiety. Some days we are not okay. Some days we are having troubles coping. Or the emotions from the pain are so overwhelming. The symptoms are really getting to us and we just can’t function. Like me today.

I somehow think I should repress those emotions. Like it isn’t okay I am feeling them because it means I am not coping well.

But I am coping.

Acknowledging these emotions is far more important than denying they are there. We acknowledge them and adjust our coping to them and deal with them.

We do not need to be sunshine and rainbows all the time

We do not need to put on a show. Hide everything. Push through the pain and symptoms. Sometimes it just is not okay. And we need some serious rest. Or things to boost our mood but also chilling and relaxing.

Frankly, it is human

Everyone experiences a mix mash of emotions. Everyone struggles now and then. And we are not superhuman, even if we have a superhuman tolerace for pain and other symptoms. We have a right to have a bad day emotionally, mentally, or physically just like everyone else.

And we should never feel like this isn’t acceptable

There are times when we feel like we have to hide our suffering from others. But that, my friends, isn’t our job. And there are days when we just have to say ‘Hey, I’m not doing okay. I’m going for a bit of a rest’.

And have no guilt for this

It is fine to rest when we need it. It is fine to feel a little out of sorts mentally and emotionally and need downtime.

So it is okay to not be okay. Tommorow, as they say, is another day

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7 thoughts on “It’s okay to not be okay

  1. Very well said. is OK to not be OK. We are only human and it is much better to let it out than to suffer in silence. If only people could remind us this more often. I often feel guilt for not being OK. I hope you haev a brighter week and feel better. Easier said than done though.

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