I have been given this product as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. Post may contain affiliate links.


Plot Your Health is a wellness and health planner for all your health needs. I found some of the sections extremely useful for managing my chronic illness. This is the sort of thing you can bring to your doctor appointments to show symptom progression and pain.

Review- plot your health planner

Things the health planner includes (space for 3 months)

  • Condition details
  • Medication and supplement record
  • A calendar- which I use for appointments and short notes
  • Doctor/Wellness visits
  • Symptoms 1-10 list
  • Medication tracking
  • Mood tracker coloring page
  • Habit tracker for anything or readings
  • Tests, scans, and blood-work tracking

Overview of pages in the health planner

Let’s talk about the Habit Tracker:

I found this quite helpful as I needed a way to track some goals I have. In particular, sleep modification, quitting smoking, and reducing my caffeine intake. All of which I am doing slowly and carefully but need a way to track it.

Doctor/Wellness notes

If one thing describes me, before illness, and certainly after it is absent-minded. And I always have things I need to mention to my doc that I forget. Or she says something and then the moment I am out of the door… poof… gone. So this section is extremely useful to me.

Medication tracking

Now, this would help you remember if you took your medications or not. But I use a sorter that helps with that. What I do need to remember is when I take my ‘as needed’ medications. Like my anti-nausea med that can only be taken three times a day. And my migraine triptan that can only be taken 2 times a week (and I am constantly forgetting if I have taken it that many times or not. Or if I took it the day before or not).


This is great for tracking the infinite amount of appointments I have had lately. But I also write little notes in there.

Symptom tracker

This is great for noting my migraine days and intensity of those migraines. Because it is hard to determine if a treatment is working if I don’t track its progress. It also helped me because you can see patterns pretty easily.

Mood tracker (coloring page)

I have depression which is well managed with Abilify. However, I am therefore very aware of the impact of moods on pain. And, also, very aware depression is insidious and can sneak up on me. Tracking my moods is something that is important to me.

With the Plot Your Health planner, everything is in one place. It is great for bringing to you doc or specialist appointments to discuss symptoms patterns and effectiveness of treatment. I have a real thing with forgetting to write things down or put it in my phone because out of sight out of mind. But since this all in one it helps me remember to note all the important things I need to remember and track. And it will help with treatment plans and habit changes. I have gotten into the routine of using it and am going to bring it to doctor appointments with me so that I can better remember what she says. There are also blank note pages and I think that is an ideal spot for your gratitude journal or thoughts.

They are now Live on Amazon with a 1 Year version! That is so awesome.


But you can still get the 3 month planners on Amazon now too


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