So I had my long-awaited test to vertigo. To just see if it is an inner ear abnormality. And if it is not, then it is the brain and vestibular migraine. He basically wanted to rule other things out. ENG (Electronystagmography) and VNG (Videonystagmography). I really wanted this test because of the fact I wonder if it is vestibular migraine when it presents so differently from my vestibular migraine bouts in the past.

VNG ENG vertigo test

First thing to note:

During the test, you are wearing the massive goggles to track your eye movements during the test.

Test was in three sections:

Section 1: Eye tracking (Ocular motor testing)

Follow the smiley face. There is a little smiley face on the screen. It darts from one area to another and you follow it with your eyes. It gets faster. And then at the end, it is just moving quickly from side to side. This made me a little disorientated since I have a bit of a problem tracking motion.

Section 2: Positional (Positional testing)

This requires lying down fast with your head tilted down to the right, and then to the left for a few minutes. And they track your eye movements. This didn’t bother me much at all. Although generally, my own head movement can cause swift vertigo.

Section 3: Ears (Caloric testing)

This one is to check the inner pressure of your ears. It involves cold water being sprayed into the ears, wait five minutes, and then the other side. Then warm water on both ears done the same. It is normal for this to make you dizzy. The cold did make me dizzy, more so on the right Warm water made me dizzier. And much more dizzy on the right side. (This was weird to me because it is the left ear that gets the hearing issues and major tinnitus).

These sections are always the same but how they go about it is different in some places.


Now, this part isn’t fun when you have vertigo. You cannot have for 48 hours:

  • Vestibular suppressants
  • Antihistamines
  • Anti-nausea meds

I felt pretty miserable for those two days. Rested most of the day. Definitely had to use my cane. And I am not sure if the vertigo is getting worse or it just feels so much worse without medication that I can’t function at all.

Four hours before you cannot:

  • Eat anything
  • Drink anything at all
  • Smoke

I have no idea what my results are but I assume I do have vestibular migraine from the fact it is continuous dizziness and vertigo. I just wish there was a way to be sure about it, but certainly, this will help.

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